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Questions tagged [viral-marketing]

Viral marketing is a number of marketing techniques and practices that utilizes existing social networking dynamics.

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Difference between Landing Page and Starting Page [duplicate]

This question is regarding Google Analytics Behavior Flow. What is the difference between a landing page and a starting page? I can't find a definite answer anywhere. Some people have suggested the ...
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1 vote
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How long would it take to have a domain unbanned from Facebook?

A week ago two of my posts which link to my website were mark as spam, and after I appealed they were recovered in a day. After that I posted another link, and then all of my posts were retracted. All ...
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How to find the traffic sources for a YouTube video?

My web site is mentioned very favorably in a third party video that was posted to YouTube. We have the video embedded on the website as "social proof" that you should use our site. In the last week ...
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How to drive traffic to your site by making the Facebook experience sticky and viral?

I know some ways: Make them sign up to our app. Every time they do something they post on their wall Make them like our Facebook page. Every time we post something on that Facebook page, it shows up ...
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