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With video sitemap are normal sitemaps still needed?

For example: video-post1.xml - video-post5.xml post-sitemap1.xml - post-sitemap5.xml have same post only different format. Should I remove the normal sitemaps or keep both? My site is streaming site....
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What URL am I supposed to use in <video:player_loc> for my sitemap when adding a YouTube video?

I'm somewhat confused. I'm following this example on how to create video sitemap. So say, I need to add the <video:video> tag to my page's sitemap that contains this YouTube video: https://www....
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How to create a video sitemap for my website when the video is hosted on vimeo and embedded using <iframe>?

I would like to know what should be done when creating a video sitemap when the embedded player is from Vimeo? I am very new to the SEO world and learning by doing and reading the official ...
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Do I need an XML sitemap for just a few images and videos?

If a website has few images and one or two videos, do I need to include them in the sitemap or have a sitemap separately for them?
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should small videos be added to video-sitemap.xml

I have several professional videos listed on my site that I have included in both a video-sitemap.xml file and added JSON-LD to the individual pages. See here. For my latest blog post ...
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How Google detects the page is a video page?

How Google detects the page is a video page? I test some pages with a video and markup and detailed sitemap.But I could not see any video result in universal SERP and video SERP. But I test some ...
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Which Vimeo URLs can I include in a video sitemap that are not redirected or forbidden?

I am not entirely sure what Vimeo URLs I can use for video sitemaps as they either seem to "redirect" or "forbidden" - both which would not really be acceptable in Google video XML sitemaps. How do ...
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What sitemap format should be used for a video platform site like YouTube?

What sitemap format should be used for a video platform site like YouTube? I want to submit our video site's sitemap to Google search.
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Is a video sitemap enough for SEO or should video markup schema also be used?

I already implemented a video sitemap, based on Google's recommendation. Now, I am reading about video markups. The only information, I got on the relationship of both approaches to each other, is: ...
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Protected video raw url inside Sitemap.xml

All videos inside our site are protected and should be seen only by the users inside my country. So all the raw video urls are protected by a content protection signature. Given that we cannot add ...
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Same video on a large number of pages in video sitemap

I have a forum and wrote a script that automatically detects the topic that is being discussed and serves up a related video. I'm thinking of adding that video inside the video sitemaps. My concern ...
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Google video bot and video sitemap

I'm looking to understand a sitemap created a long time ago. Is there a good reason to exclude Google's video crawler in robots.txt when you have a video site map? Update: sorry just to be clear I ...
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How to index the right page?

My website is crawled and indexed by Google. However, one of my problem is that the indexed pages are sometimes not the right one. For example, let's say that I have star wars video on my website, ...
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Best practice for generating sitemap

Some colleagues are looking at building a sitemap for our media (audio/images/video/slides) management website. I'm interested in finding out if there are any known, effective and manageable ways of ...
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How to make Youtube Video responsive? [closed]

I am creating a video site and want to make video responsive. I had created a class .video { float: left; width: 90% !important; margin-top: 1%; margin-bottom: 1%; margin-right: 5%...
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Is a Video Sitemap feasible when the video is SWF and the other is a fallback copy in MP4?

I want to create a Google-friendly Video Sitemap (details here) for pages on my website that feature cartoon animations. The problem is, the video files are in two formats - SWF and MP4. I'm using the ...
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Google not indexing video from video sitemap

I run a website serving video content. I run my own player. I have added Google’s structured markup to the video tags. Here’s the link to test a page. I also have the sitemap pointing to a video ...
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Having embedded video from other sites in my video sitemap increases the ranking of the sites I am embedding from?

I have a website and I am embedding videos from site in my website and providing additional content like a review or anything else. By creating a video sitemap of my site for ...
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Why some video posts from the same blog appear in google with thumbs, while others do not?

We own media blog - which is basically a big collection of various videos streamed through our branded player. Interesting thing is that some of our posts show up in google search results with a thumb ...
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Displaying thumbnails in google search results for flash games?

Some sites are somehow displaying video preview thumbnails for pages that contain flash games in google search results. For example search for: game I see this only on small ...
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