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Singular vs plural forms for entities in CMS website

Let's say I have a (frontend) website where users can register and post, just like StackExchange, which makes use of a REST API to fetch the data. So the website is located at ...
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Why do my links require two taps on iOS when using AdSense?

A weird issue appears when I'm integrating AdSense on my pages. My standard links (simple <a> elements) need to have 2 taps on iOS (maybe android too). It’s very frustrating. The first tap (...
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410 Status : Grace Period, Delay and User Experience Impact on SEO

I am raising this question as a follow up to my previous (already answered) question: SEO Safe way to permanently delete thousands of outdated pages Now we are planning to remove about 25% of pages. ...
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CTA Label: "Buy Now" vs "Buy PRODUCT NAME Now"

It seems for eCommerce CTAs, the most common label for buying products is "Buy now". From a marketing/SEO point of view it seems like the best option with highest CTR, but from an accessibility point ...
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SAAS Based URL Mapping with Branding [duplicate]

We have a SAAS based product with big vision & currently we are rebranding our product model. Is it the best SEO practice if i am going to use my Brand Name in my URL's of the main pages? Eg: ...
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Is there a SEO or UX reason against not adding a contact page?

I am an amateur website-builder. But I am, as far as possible, trying to do it right the first time. My client is a restaurant and B&B and they want to keep the main navigation as small as ...
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Does gated content (webinars, whitepapers) hurt organic rankings?

I have this logic-based assumption that gated content like webinars and whitepapers should not be included in the organic journey, e.g. the natural, crawlable web journey through the main navigation ...
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Local SEO | Repetitive use of City Name on-page in H tags

We are getting advice from an SEO professional that for our local not for profit site offering arts programming to perform well in local SEO we need to liberally use our City name in H1 or H2 tags on-...
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Will text hidden except for screen readers be problematic for search engines?

I'm have an accessibility & SEO problem. I want to display more information and punctuation for the people using a screen reader. Will this code will be understand as duplicate content by Google ...
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Website re-launched in phases - where to redirect old links to pages not in current phase?

When performing a phased re-launch of a website what's the best practice for dealing with links to pages that haven't been included in the current phase of the site? To clarify... all "old" pages ...
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Dilemma: Structure of Similar Websites [closed]

I have created music and movies knowledge sites for use locally in my country (think of Genius and IMDb). Both were built differently (by different people) and do not share anything. But I am in a ...
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25 votes
5 answers

How can I tell if my website visitors are using LastPass or other password managers?

I want to make sure visitors to my website have the best experience possible so I want them to be able to use LastPass and other Password Managers. Is there any way of identifying whether or not my ...
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Content position Importance

I have a site which has just external news links, I also have a few sentences to describe the page. What is a good position for the page description in terms of UX and bots perspective? These are the ...
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Avoiding whitespace next to form UX vs SEO - how to compromise

The problem: On desktop view form inputs (with labels) take less that half of width of the website and we gets big whitespace next to form which is bad for websites SEO. In the other hand forms ...
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Indirect site navigation via sections of my front page - bad for SEO?

I am experimenting with constructing a "user journey" via navigable sections on my front page, as discussed by this answer over in the UX SE. Unfortunately, the scope of the site (it is for a large,...
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Which Cloud Region Should I select for my blog site? [duplicate]

I currently have my blog set up with shared hosting(godaddy). After recent growth on traffic, I feel like, its time to get serious by hosting it to a better place, I am thinking about cloud obviously. ...
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Is there a list of shortcuts which are not reserved in any major browser?

In the past, when I implemented shortcuts for web applications, I used different ones for different browsers: for example Ctrl+Shift+A was used in Chrome, but would be something else, like Ctrl+Shift+...
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3 answers

Should I have a separate URL for each language and each page? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How should I structure my urls for both SEO and localization? Please be specific, I already plan to change the language based on the Accept Language header, and then any user-...
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What are some software products and tools to use in order to increase user-conversion? [closed]

What are some ways other than in-person tests that webmasters can do to try to increase user conversion and participation?
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What are some helpful and free UX tools for eye-tracking and mouse-tracking, etc

I am looking into ways to gain more insight for how people use the tools I build. Short of having a physical user group for a/b testing, are there some faster and cheaper solutions out there such as ...
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2 answers

What is the proper time zone to display times for events online?

My website has regularly user-scheduled events. Right now we are using our timezone EDT (or EST) as the base timezone for all events on the site. I feel like this is either 1) wrong, or 2) very ...
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2 answers

black background & white letters or white background & black letters?

What is better for user? The site has a lot of text to read and I would like to make it as user friendly as possible.
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Is it ill-advised to create custom text for a login link (e.g. "Become a ninja" as opposed to just "log in")

I'm trying to figure out whether it's best to: stick with the tried and true link text for login ("log in" -> linking to the login page) Make the login button custom to the site and somewhat of a ...
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