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the experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership, but also a person’s perceptions of the practical aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency of the system. Essentially, it's about how a person feels about using a product.

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External stub links vs on-click partial page replacement for SEO

I'm not sure anyone has asked this but here goes. I made a website where the goal is to sell tickets. The pages are as follows: The main page that's loaded contains the event name, location basic ...
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Is "contact" better than "contact us" or "contact me" for a contact link (leading to contact details)?

In many cases a web application's staff can slowly grow from one person to two or more persons and/or slowly grow back from two or more persons to one person. My problem This issue might be grasped ...
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How to track internal redirect urls on Google Analytics User Explorer?

In our wp site the external urls replaced with internal links and when someone clicks on them they go to redirected external url, but those are not logged by google analytics user explorer. How to ...
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Which method provides a better user experience? [closed]

We have a CMS e-commerce website and sell pet foods. But unlike any e-commerce site, our customers do not buy the products for themselves. Our customers buy products to be sent to the animal rights ...
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Maintain quality of web-appearance: Track number of html 404 responses to fix missing pages

This was probably discussed a lot of times, but I just don't know the technical term to search for this. Situation: Let's assume there are many external links pointing to pages in a certain domain A ...
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Can adding a second sidebar to a website hurt SEO?

A website that already exists with a right sidebar is considering adding a left sidebar. Doing this will result in the body having a width of 520px. What are the implications, if any, on search ...
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What is the recommended number of click before information is available to user

Few years back i read an article that information should be available within 3 click and there is ambiguity regarding same to limit it to 3 click or more. Let us say i want to show same information ...
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Lead forum traffic to a website

I'm running a small and old forum which got rankings here and there, but I created new pages on the website to provide a better helping source. The goal is to have even better rankings with these new ...
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Dilemma: Structure of Similar Websites [closed]

I have created music and movies knowledge sites for use locally in my country (think of Genius and IMDb). Both were built differently (by different people) and do not share anything. But I am in a ...
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Effect of making the productoverview your homepage

Say you have a small webshop, ~500 products. Currently that website has a homepage as most sites do, with it's own content, a bit bigger images (better mood settings) and some categories highlighted. ...
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