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Questions tagged [url-inspection-tool]

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Is it possible to programmability ping search engines for specific updated pages?

I spent a lot of hours into making my website useful to the user and extremely friendly. However, Google seems to not update the indexed content and is not indexing new pages fast enough. The website ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Google Search Console reports Soft 404 on an Excel file

since mid of this month, an Excel file that used to be indexed in Google Search is reported as a Soft 404 on Search Console File: We have multiple ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to verify that Googlebot can access the URL of a video thumbnail?

I need to check if Googlebot can see my image thumbnails. When I use the URL Inspection Tool, Google cannot see my images in the page. In the rendered screen shot, it displays a black box instead of ...
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New update to Search Console? - missing Desktop render

So as some might noticed on January 9th Google updated their algorithms Source: But today I found out that if I do URL ...
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