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Questions tagged [url-inspection-tool]

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2 votes
0 answers

What does it mean when Google Search Console URL inspection says resources don't load due to "other error"? [duplicate]

I'm currently analysing some landing pages with the URL inspection tool of the Search Console, and most of them look to be not loaded (script and css). The main reason announced by Search Console is: ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Google's URL inspection says my image URL is blocked by robots.txt -- I don't even have one!

I just discovered our image system domain is not being crawled by Google for a long time. The reason is that all the URLs seem to be blocked by robots.txt -- but I don't even have one. Disclaimer: ...
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2 votes
1 answer

URL inspection tool in Google Search Console shows "N/A" for sitemaps and a bizarre referring page

I recently used the "URL Inspection Tool" on the new Google Search Console BETA version. When I check the homepage of my website, it shows "N/A" on the "Index Coverage" ...
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