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3 votes
1 answer

How do I make a gradient overlay transparent?

The site I'm working on has three layers (from the bottom): a tiled background image, a simple top-to-bottom gradient, and the actual content window on top. I am trying to change the opacity of the ...
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4 answers

Use JPEG for transparency instead of PNGs

JPEGs are smaller in size then PNGs. So. I thought that if I can make the "background" in a jpegfile transparent with some code maybe I save some kilobytes. So does anyone now for example how to make ...
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Designing a Logo with transparent background

I want to design a logo which should have a transparent background so that it adjusts automatically with the CSS background color. I want to do it with pixelmator in mac.
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IE color: transparent; question

I'm working on a project where I have to override both embedded styles and primary style sheets in order to change a design. I've got everything working in all the main browsers/versions except for a ...
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How can you create text as a png file to minimize file size?

I've seen this trick on lots of websites, but I don't know how I could create this myself easily. It's basically text or a logo which is saved on a transparent background with a small border, to ...
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How do I use transparent PNGs in IE6?

How do I use transparent PNGs in IE6? I have a corporate app that must use IE6 and must use use PNGs, but the transparency all comes through as a pale white colour.
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