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Qualifications for ownership of certain TLDs (top-level domains). This includes questions regarding citizenship requirements for CCTLDs, for example citizenship requirements for .eu domains in the context of Brexit. This also includes questions about TLDs restricted by entity type, including .biz, .name, .pro, .edu and .mil.

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When will new gTLD applications be available?

The ICANN "New gTLD Program" was initiated in 2012: Applicants applied for a variety of new TLDs, many of which are now available for public ...
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WHOIS personal information for .in domains

I'm thinking to register a .in domain through Namecheap, but when I tried to add Whoisguard to the domain name before registering it, I ran into the error message "This domain does not support privacy ...
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Status of the .book TLD

According to Wikipedia, .book is an existing top level domain. However, it apparently is not yet available for registration. I've been able to learn that Amazon bought the rights in 2014, but I can ...
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Could Brexit cause me (a UK resident) to lose a .pm domain name?

I currently reside in the UK and sport a .pm domain name. Obviously as of next year the UK will no longer be within the EU. I'm wondering where that leaves me? Is there any alternative to giving up my ...
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Can a Web store with .eu domain sell products intended only for UK market?

This has nothing to do with Brexit and I am not even sure this is the right place to ask this question. I recently bought an electrical appliance from a Web store with the .eu domain extension, only ...
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Are there any restrictions for registering a .rs domain?

I'm creating a website for my brand and would like to use .rs because I can spell out the name with the URL. IANA says that rs if for country-code Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS)...
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Can I sell a .eu domain to a registrant outside the European Union?

I would like to sell my domain, which is a .eu domain. The Wikipedia page states that .eu domains may only be registered by residents of member states of the European Union. For that reason, I ...
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How to register a .eu domain?

I want register a domain under the .eu TLD, but I don't live in Europe [which is a requiriment to that]. I'd like to know if there is any website which register the domain on its name or any other ...
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