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Questions tagged [thin-content]

thin-content is a term used to describe a web page that has a low word count.

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Little bit Identical but paraphased content in a Tool Site. Is this a good idea in SEO wise?

I have a online tool site where provides many conversion tools. such as JPG to PNG, JPG to PDF, JPG to BMP, PNG to JPG etc.. So I have a plan to integrate my adsense account with this site. But to ...
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2 answers

Do empty pages affect SEO in a website?

For example I own a website with thousands of pages, mainly categories and detailed information of products belonging to those categories. My website is a multi-country site, so each category exists ...
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Will lots of thin content pages affect the ranking of the main pages which are not thin content, and should I delete them? And how to do that safely?

I have a plan to delete many thin content pages (more than 8000-10000 pages) from my websites. These pages created automatically by WordPress system, they are ATTACHMENT PAGES automatically created ...
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Is thin content taking into account only the number of words?

I am interested to know whether a page is treated as a thin content page based on only the fact that there are a few words. What if the page has around 100 words but together with that it has a useful ...
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Does Google Actually Deindex 410 pages faster than 404?

Most of the pages in blog need to delete, because those are thin content. Though it's already ranked in first page and enough visitor. but i really do not want to have those pages on my site (due to ...
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2 answers

Excluding URLs to avoid thin content: just "noindex"? also "dofollow"?

My website has 100,000 URLs with auto-generated content and I'm suffering from thin content (drop in ranking and alerts of duplicate content in Google Search Console). I want now to exclude those ...
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1 answer

How to recover from thin content ranking drops (no manual action)?

Overnight I lost about 90% of my website's organic traffic without receiving a manual action. I'm pretty sure this was because of adding a lot of thin content which I forgot to add 'noindex' to. Is ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is setting deep filtered categories to noindex a good practise?

The situation now: The project is not launched, but we have lot of categories and a big filter system in the end (color, brand, dimension, size, model, material,..). Most of categories will have a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Does a Q&A-section cause a problem with thin or duplicate content?

A client wishes to implement a Q&A section where users can ask questions about certain topics that will be answered by experts of that niche and then be published on his site. Each answered and ...
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2 answers

How to get a page with only a search box and a logo to rank in search engines?

I have a webpage that has its index.php page that looks like like Google's home page. I mean it only has a search input box and a logo on it. It is not a Google like search engine but it is a search ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Product pages were found as duplicate content and thin content

I have a lot of products on my website that only have a short description on them, and don't have much content. Google does not show them in the index when I search for my domain and says: "In order ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Handling Duplicate Content & Pagination with Category Description

I have an ecommerce site with paginated product categories. I would like to add a description for each category to improve the "thin content" problem ecommerce pages generally have. I would ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Does 'thin-content' content on some pages affect overall site SEO?

I have an UGC Q&A site. Due to it's nature is inevitable to see some 'thin' or low quality content in some posts. Will there be any sitewide impact in SEO for the other high quality pages? If yes ...
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2 votes
1 answer

A lot of no-index on products page is bad?

I just started an e-Commerce site and as I am aware of thin page/duplicate page are bad for site. I no-indexing all my product pages which contains only size and colours data for the product ( no ...
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2 answers

How can we deal with thin content pages with fluctuating content?

We have identified a large number of pages on our e-commerce site which we are sure will be considered thin content. These pages are categories of products which have "0 products" in them. The issue ...
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Content length VS document size for mobile

This strikes my curiosity. I have two versions of my website. A desktop version and a mobile version. The objective of both websites is to allow users to view whatever full size photos they like to ...
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