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A label that identifies content, and explains, among other things, what that content is about. Not to be confused with meta-tags or html.

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Will it improve SEO to clean up my WordPress tags?

I have had a website for 6 years and I create post for it every week. From the start (6 years ago to 8 month ago), I attached familiar tags to every post. Now: Some of my posts (100 posts) have many ...
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How to use indexifembedded tag with subpages in iframe

Google released a new meta tag: <meta name="googlebot" content="noindex,indexifembedded" />, this year. It allows to index content inside iFrame. I'm trying to use it on our ...
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Are eventParameters in gtag event required?

Simple question, in a gtag event, can we do just this : gtag('event', 'generate_lead'); instead of gtag('event', 'generate_lead', { 'value': '2', 'currency': 'USD', '...
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Is it OK for SEO to use a photo's tags in the img alt text when a caption isn't available?

Is it OK with SEO to use page tags as image alt and <image:caption>? Images we are using doesn't have any caption or title. They just have tags (some of them 15 tags). We were even thinking about ...
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Best SEO URL Structure : Filter product list by multiple tags

Which url is better for SEO (google)? separate tags like sub folders with slash "/": 1) separate with characters plus "+" underscore "_" ...
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Using a h1, h2 keywords as a list and not as part of the content

I've noticed some people using their targeted keywords as a simple list e.g. on the footer and not in the content. E.g. using <h1>Keyword1</h1>, <h2>Keyword2</h2>, <h2>...
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Hreflang tags in wordpres

I am using RankMath plugin and there is no Hreflang tags in this. Is there any way I can add same on all pages using any trick or somthing?
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