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Using symbols in a directory name

I know that on a PC you can use symbols ( all except \/:*?"<>| ) in a folder name, but does this apply to server directories? I would like specifically use the + and - symbols as a name: ...
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What is the `#` symbol in a link with Google Analytics campaign tracking parameters?

This is the link when I generate the tracking tail with Campaign URL Builder today: ...
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Usage of comma in URL: encoded or not encoded

Even have seen a page, where in the same url were both of enocoded and not encoded commas, like:,green&filter_size:xl%2Cxxl My knowledge about the ...
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Is it valid to include digits and question marks in the URL slug for a permalink?

Is it valid (and maybe even a best practice) to create "Aliases" or "Slugs" that contain numbers and question marks? The numbers would be integer only, floats are out of the question. For example: ...
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How is a slash in the URL path interpreted by search engines?

I would like to know your opinions on the following URL structure. Is the following SEO best practice and why? If targeting search term "blue suede shoes"... Would "" be ...
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Is an ampersand (&) in a company name not ideal for Google or SEO?

I am working on a site with a company name with an & in it. An alternative is using and instead of &. Does & have some disadvantages in a company name we have to know of? Does it effect ...
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