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How can I activate a suggestion box on form fields for improved UX? Does this relate to autocomplete="on"?

I have a contact form with six or seven fields. The user may fill out the form on multiple occasions though, each time, the information they enter on all but the last field is likely to be the same. I ...
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How can I let my site provide smart answers in the Chrome omnibox?

Chrome 69 now shows rich answers directly in the Omnibox (source) without the user having to load a new tab. Is there a way to encourage Google to use specific data in the Omnibox? So if I'm building ...
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GitHub service to deploy via git-mediawiki

I've been helping write documentation and manage the website for SuperTuxKart, an open-source racing game. The website uses MediaWiki, but we've discussed things and decided after our switch away from ...
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How can we remove undesirable suggestions from Yahoo Search Auto-complete for our business?

When one of my clients business names is typed into the Yahoo search bar, the auto complete has some unusual results: When typing in the business name followed by the the area it shows the auto ...
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How can I find the approximate daily traffic of a site which I don't own? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there any way to discover the traffic of a site I don’t control? I want to find the approximate daily traffic of a site which isn't ours, and the site is located in other ...
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Looking for a user suggestion script

I'm looking for a script that would easily fit or be customized to work as a suggestion script where users can submit suggestions anonymously and have them be displayed on one page and either upvoted ...
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Suggestion for web application simmilar to wiki+SE

There were plenty of *.stackexchange places in which I could have posed this question. I hope I have chosen the right one. I am looking for an open source wiki/stackexchange like application. The ...
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Could you suggest me the cheapest and most "basic" hosting/server solution for my website? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to find web hosting that meets my requirements? My website (a soccer portal, containing Joomla and SMF) in the last months has grown so much that the shared-hosting ...
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Which jQuery slider do you suggest?

I need a slider like this one . As you can see when it's on the last part, and is needed to show the first again, it scrolls fastly to the left. I want a slider that doesn't have this behavoir. What ...
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What are some methods to rewards users for participating on your site?

This is not strictly programming related, so I apologize. But I think this fits within the scope of this site. We have a community site (part forum, part wiki, part knowledge base) where our users ...
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I need some suggestion: Starting a portal for a local medical community

There is a Medical Community in our town that I would like to approach to build a web portal for them. It could be free or they could pay me for it. Honestly, I'm really after of the community that ...
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What are the good blog/rss feeds about SEO? [closed]

What are good blogs or RSS feeds about Search Engine Optimization ?