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Apache Subversion, also known as SVN, is a software versioning and a revision control system distributed under free license. Developers use Subversion to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, and documentation.

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How to add version control and seperate development server to php/web development environment? [closed]

I'm the team lead of a small group of developers. My background is primarily in application development and I've worked in larger groups where version control (SVN, Git, etc.) have been used and ...
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SVN Checkout folder as local webroot

I have XAMPP installed and running. I have an SVN working directory (WD) on my local that checks out from the repository. I set up a virtual host in xampp to point to my WD, but my browser (FF) gives ...
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What is a good solution for UA testing multiple projects simultaneously?

My client often has several projects/tasks going at once that sometimes need to be tested simultaneously on one website. They are often separate applications on the website, but sometimes share UDFs, ...
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Public Bug Tracking and Version Control System

We're in the process of moving out of a private beta into our live version of the site. We're trying to find a good Bug Tracking System + Version Control system. Our CEO has requested that the new ...
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Working environment for web designer - editing files, version control, auto backups (Mac) [closed]

I've tried several times to get my head around this but failed everytime!! I want to setup a working environment for creating websites that is efficient and straight forward to use. It needs to ...
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Deploy repository to production server?

I have a hosted SVN repository with assembla. it has an address like: Using TortoiseSVN I can checkout from this repository and commit to ...
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6 answers

Hosting my own SVN repositories

I've been experimenting with Google Code and Sourceforge and the like, and am happy with what I've found. The main problem with them, is that you have to have your project be open source to use them, ...
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Is there an SVN UI for hosting server?

We are considering upgrading to either a dedicated or cloud server. What I would really like is for the hosting account to have SVN installed on it. With a UI that I can use. So when I make a change, ...
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