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How to save an email list from an email subscription form [closed]

I'm using Wix to create a page... The email submission form is there but I don't think it has any functionality. Where do the emails go from this subscription field? Eventually I will use an ESP like ...
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Paypal pending vs completed status

I am busy implementing Paypal into a site that offers users the ability to subscribe to digital content. From what I have read, the payment status returned using Paypal's IPN will typically be Pending ...
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what should I do if I cannot find a person who asks to unsubscribe in my mailing list?

One of our customers asks us to send out marketing mail. We manage their subscriber list in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and use a remote desktop tool to send the mails through their network via the ...
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Will I receive a payment data transfer from PayPal each time a payment is processed for a subscription?

I have searched PayPal, Google, and Bing for details regarding Payment Data Transfer (PDT) and subscriptions, without result. My question is, For each recurrence of a subscription payment will I ...
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Woocommerce variable subscription

I want to create a WooCommerce subscription, which is $5 /user /month. I can create a subscription for 1 user/month, but I can't work out how to let people choose x users/month.
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In addition to Google's First Click Free, should you whitelist search engine bots past a paywall?

Our site has subscription-only pages - non-subscribed visitors see a snippet preview. As per Google's FCF requirements, your first 5 hits to a subscriber-only pages with .google. as the referrer, you ...
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Paypal: Subscribe Buttons and Inventory

Paypal lets you create purchase buttons, and one option is to make the purchase actually trigger an autopay - they call it a Subscription/Subscribe button. They also let you enter inventory for a ...
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Email Subscription, email or name and email?

I'm making a email subscription form. Ideally I like when a website only asks for your email. It's both minimalistic from a design perspective and easy for the user. However I'm wondering if sending ...
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Is there a 'Subscription Cart' software available?

I have a website, whereby members pay an annual feel. Initially the members were a few now it has fun into hundreds. Now I have to check existing members manually to see if their subscription is going ...
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Allowing users in embargoed/sanctioned countries to register on my site

I run a website that contains technical content and users gain access to it by purchasing a subscription. I am based in the United States, and I'm wondering what the laws are regarding sanctioned ...
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joomla subscription ecommerce solution

I am using Joomla and want to implement a subscription based ecommerce solution. I started using VirtueMart and noticed its shortcomings regarding subscription based recurring items. Turns out ...
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Software for Managing Subscriptions to Website Content?

Can you recommend a package that allows me to manage subscriptions to certain content on my website (not necessarily displayable) based on payment levels? Ideally, the software would allow logging in ...
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Subscription service or software to handle a Magazine's PDF

I'm looking for an installable or hosted software (service) to handle the process of public users subscribing to the Magazine and receiving the PDF automatically upon an admin upload the new one. The ...
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Is customer conversion higher with fixed or selective currency payment options?

I want to offer a monthly paid-subscription plan so that users on my website can access more features. Most sites I visit only accept payment in USD. Would customer conversion by higher if the ...
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Auto subscribe checkbox on registration

What are the laws on this? If I have a simple registration form, can I have underneath it: [x] Subscribe to the blog [x] Email me when a new release is issued Auto checked? Or do they need to be ...
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