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Can a pillar page also be part of a content cluster?

I am new to topic clusters, and I have a pillar page that can be a clusters to another pillar, hubspot explained it as every pillar linked to its clusters only. However overthinkgroup confirmed that ...
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4 answers

E-commerce + CMS: 2 sites or one?

Ok, let's say that a customer already has a CMS managed web site but now wants to sell goods online using an E-commerce platform (Magento in this case). My question is, does it make any difference ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is it ok to optimise my site for “freevideos” instead of “free videos”?

I am optimizing my website for SEO and after doing some research on google keyword tool I found out that there are a lot of searches for glued keywords with very thew competition in the search results....
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Key performance indicators to measure online brand image

A company is going to launch an event and a series of online related content that will be published on it's website and promoted online and offline to it's customers and leads. The event will last for ...
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