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2 answers

How can I set a CNAME record when my domain provider only support A and AAAA record?

My domain extension ( is a testing project, and it only supports 5 A or AAAA records, and not NS, CNAME or other types you might found in normal DNS. I want to use Ghost's paid hosting (so ...
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1 answer

How would one obtain a stable IP address that is guaranteed not to change?

I was thinking about creating a redirect service that adds or removes the www from domain names. All that would be required would be that the domain name point the DNS for the naked domain or the ...
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1 answer

My server does not look up with static ips

lately the users with static ips can not look websites on my server and they giving not connection error! but some of servers that are connect by cloudflare giving error 403 my webserver is litespeed ...
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Issues with a Client involving AWS CloudFront and Static IPs

I have a social media website that uses AWS extensively. Through the site we stream video stored in S3, and this video is delivered through CloudFront. I have a Client who is one of our biggest ...
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Is it possible to purchase a dedicated IP without hosting?

I require a static IP address for the sole purpose of fowarding to an existing domain. Is this possible? Does such a service exist? I am not interested in dedicated IP addons to hosting or any ...
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3k views how to hide static IP address

I'm using in "Port 80 redirect" mode - in fact my provider doesn't mind port 80 being used it's just I don't want to reveal my static IP. When I type the alias (from either local or remote ...
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19 votes
6 answers

How can I host a website on a dynamically-assigned IP address?

I recently upgraded my internet to the point that it is much faster and more reliable than my current webhost. I would like to move my current domain to be hosted at home, but my IP address is dynamic....
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