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Where do I provide the service option for SRV in AWS Route3

I have two servers on different ports of the same IP address, one on IP:80, and the other on IP:1034. I have a domain, and I want to link IP:80 to, and also want to like IP:...
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How do I redirect traffic to different ports on my machine based on the URL they are connecting with?

I have a web server ( that I also host several game servers on - Minecraft, QuakeWorld, and Quake III. I would like to allow users to connect to the game servers through subdomains ...
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CNAME records pointing to SRV record [closed]

I have multiple services running that I'd like to access through one port. To make something like this work, I have a proxy server running that can redirect clients based on the url they connect with. ...
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Should an SRV record have an @ symbol in its name value?

Developer who is new to DNS/sys admin tasks. Recently we moved a clients DNS from GoDaddy to Route 53. When they exported the zone file I noticed that there were some strange things with some of the ...
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how to use a subdomain for a website when it has another SRV record on it

I am hosting a Mineraft server on the port 25601 and because I didn't want users to have to type the port in, I made a SRV record in my DNS settings so that points to mydomain....
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Can SRV DNS record be used to allow Mincraft to connect to a non-default port without specifying the port number?

I own a Minecraft Server with a non standard port and i want the user to connect without port. So i tried setting up an A and a SRV Record for my Domain. A Record: ...
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Firebase Custom Domain - add admin subdomain?

I'm hosting my website on Firebase and I got the domain from GoDaddy. I used custom domain, and everything works great. This is the way I redirect to my website on Firebase: I need to create an admin ...
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1 answer

How to properly set up SRV DNS record?

I'm setting up DNS server for my home network. It contains plenty of machines but I have only one public IP so there's a lot of NAT, proxies etc. Many people find it difficult to memorize all services ...
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How to Configure SPF or SRV Record on

I'm trying to use for my DNS records and the A, CNAME and MX records weren't a problem but I cannot get my SPF (txt) record to work or my SRV records. Does anyone else use them and have ...
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SRV record with cname

I bought a hosted service which, mainly for DDoS mitigation reasons, often rotates its IPs. So sometimes goes either to or I ...
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Setup DNS with A and SRV records

I have the following servers, which should be used for the following tasks: big_box Main-Server (Game-Server, Virtual Machines,...) small_box Web-Server The idea is ...
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