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Tracking alternatives within goal funnels

I honestly have no idea how to phrase this better. I need to take a regular goal funnel tracking and make it report on a few alternatives within one of the steps. Here's an example: back button ...
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Does SEO ranking gets affected if I run a split URL test on our product detail page (PDP) using Visual Web Optimizer (VWO)

We are trying to run a vwo test for our pdp page.I created a test in VWO where URL will get redirected to for 50% users. ...
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Should I optimize for Adsense eCPM or Adsense Revenue? [closed]

I'm split testing, and one skin has a higher revenue, while the other skin has a higher eCPM. Which one should I choose? If I select the higher eCPM, I assume that any future enhancements will bring a ...
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How to make a split test that reduces scripts from Google Tag Manager in a tool like VisualWebOptimizer

We have a website, where we use Google Tag Manager, in order to insert a big amount of scripts. We want to run a split test, where we reduce these scripts by 70%, which should improve load time (even ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to A/B test SEO using Google Experiments?

I've read that A/B testing does not have a negative impact on SEO, but is it possible to A/B test to improve SEO? My thought is to track each visitor's referring domain and create an event when any ...
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Google Analytics Content Experiments for non-simultaneous tests

I really like how Google Analytics displays the results of content experiments. However, it seems the tool only works for simultaneous tests. I'd like to use the tool without implementing the page ...
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2 answers

Split testing only for a traffic from a particular country

How to setup up split testing only for the user coming only from a particular country in Google Analytics experiment section? I want to show a different page for all traffic coming from USA and ...
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Google Analytics: how to split traffic from Google search into different Google sites (,, ...)?

As 75% of my traffic are generated by Google search, I am asking myself if there is a way to split this traffic into the different local Google domains as,, and so one ...
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