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How to detect if a browser has English spellcheck enabled?

I'm building a language learning app and there are some input fields (using CKEditor 5) where users can input English text. CKEditor 5 has spellcheck plugins, but I am trying to keep my website as ...
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Google Search and YouTube search change spelling to spelling with zero results [duplicate]

NOTE: How to remove "Did You Mean:" from Google Search? does not answer this question. The suggested fixes in this question is to set up FB, IG, and other social media pages. We have had ...
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4 answers

Google autocorrect spelling of search terms

I have reviewed this: How to remove "Did You Mean:" from Google Search? but it does not answer my question. The suggested fixes in this question is to set up FB, IG, and other social media ...
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Is there a way to mark unusual words as spelled correctly so search engines don't think the site has poor spelling?

I want to know how to indicate a particular word or work is not spelt incorrectly. Spelling does affect SEO but the common spellcheckers usually come up with around 10-20 errors per page, but these ...
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Is "login", "log in" or "log-in" better for search engine optimization?

What is the best way to phrase login for users? Is there a way to allow for the spelling of all 3 in log in link? I am debating a linked image, log in as the image text, login as the alt text and log-...
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2 answers

How to solve misspelling error in non English website to optimize SEO?

I am the owner of website The content is not English and when I try to optimize it for SEO I come across the misspelling errors ("This page contains some spelling errors."). Is there a ...
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Suggest that Googlebot read "dezign" as "design"

I used the spelling "dezign" instead of "design" many times in my website -- even in my domain name. Is there any way to suggest that Googlebot read "dezign" word as "design" with correct spelling?
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8 votes
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How to detect broken external links and site wide spell checking?

I'm looking for known methods to scan our site and alert us of spelling errors and broken links. Our goals are basically to have something consistently checking the entire site for spelling errors and ...
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