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spam clicks and impressions google search console

I have this issue i can't find any solution spam clicks and impressions, and doesn't appear in google analytics edit: The main issue is my website is at the medical niche while spam clicks are coming ...
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Prevent content scraping that automatically post from one website to another

Basically, my website is running on WordPress platform and we publish posts on regular basis. As soon as we publish a post, in a few minutes time it gets posted on their website as well The worst part ...
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block spoofed referrer traffic claiming to be from your own site

I'm getting over 10x usual site traffic with requests that spoof the referrer as my own site. I'm trying to block these with .htaccess A bot's GET request looks like: "GET /content/logo.svg HTTP/...
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How to deal with bots repeatedly accessing our "Thank You" page

We have a "Thank You" page that users are redirected to after completing a form submission. Random IP addresses are accessing that page over and over causing our analytics data to be skewed. ...
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Should I automatically delete accounts if they have not verified their email address?

I am launching a new site soon and in my previous experience I know many bots will create accounts, I'm trying to avoid this so before a user can sign in they need to verify their email address. If ...
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Let spambots "successfully" submit form?

I'm about to set up my html forms so spam bots are being caught and rejected. I wonder.. Let's say a spambot submits the form in a way that is not accepted. Should I then let the page with the form ...
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How do i allow MediaWiki spamming & vandalism

After stopping spam & vandalism on my Mediawiki website how do I allow spam and vandalism on my MediaWiki website?
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Will blocking bots other than those from the major search engines affect SEO?

I read a lot about this but I'm a bit confused since it looks like it's not a black or white thing. In some posts you can read that the more backlinks the better and other ones claiming the opposite. ...
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We are blocking bots, crawlers, spiders and scan tools in our servers. Can this affect DA (domain authority)?

I didn't know the concept of domain/page authority in SEO until 1 hour ago. We have been blocking bots, crawlers, spiders and scanners in general directly from Apache through ModSecurity rules (custom ...
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What is user agent ;__CT_JOB_ID__:?

I've been searching the web for an explanation of the sudden influx we've gotten of user agents of this format: ;__CT_JOB_ID__:68a72eee-353c-4b0b-82ae-0cb6c8ca3e6e; Each visitor has a unique IP. So ...
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How to stop Bot generate Traffic in Wordpress?

My WordPress website recent facing a big problem. Spamming problem. Using a plugin i detect that every single second here coming huge number of traffic which is fake and send by BOT. The traffic also ...
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How do spambots find and submit to email opt-in the end of a funnel?

I have an opt-in page that's being nuked right now with spambots. A simple webpage that I use to allow subscribers into my email list. The only way to get to that page was through one of my tracking ...
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Do crawlers add page views on a forum?

I have a MyBB forum and I get multiple page views on new threads within 3-5 minutes of posting. I manually submit new URLs through Google Webmaster Tools which should if anything account for 1 page ...
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How to block traffic both in Google Analytics and on Server from a certain country? [duplicate]

I am getting traffic instances from Russia from fake referrers of Reddit, LifeHacker etc. I am not sure how did they get to my site. Is there anyway to block them from my site as well as from ...
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Prevent malicious bots from posting spam

I remember a site closed due to misuse and I wonder if bots have a part of it. If the bot is POSTing something to my site what are ways I can combat it? I was thinking of setting some cookies and ...
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