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My medium pages are noindex tag in header robots? [closed]

my stories in medium have noindex tag. how i can do index them? thank you.
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Whats the for a social status post?

I've looked at many types, but can't find the right one. I want to mark-up a simple post, which could contain up to 3 OPTIONAL pictures and many comments. There is DiscussionForumPosting: ...
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Should a business create social media accounts for founders in addition to a company social media account?

Is it a good idea to have a company profile on social media as well as individual accounts of people that are involved in the company, for example the founders, CEO, etc.? I am thinking of a business ...
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Will search engines penalize duplicate content between my site and my Facebook page?

If I post on my Facebook page and then copy the same content to my website, does Google recognize it as an unoriginal content?
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Web Notification Design [closed]

I am designing a website which my web user would interact on the site. Take FB poke function for example. There are two men A and B and they are both online. And A poked B. What I want to know is ...
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Placing likes, pluses and other social sharing things on the pages where they not likely to be used

I just checked the pages from best-of-industry sites and not all of them has lots of likes, pluses and so on. I reasonably expect that the pages of my site will have even less. I can expect that the ...
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All shorten url redirecting to linkbucks [closed]

I have seen most of shorten url like redirecting to linkbucks site. I see even google is using this service in their posts in facebook or google plus something like
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Social connection requests sent to company mails, how to accept/handle them?

We keep getting requests from customers who want to link to us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+. Even if we have fan/follow pages (they could just become fans/followers of them), most customers sends ...
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Migration from one domain to another - Transfering the social media stats

I am planning to move my site from one domain to another i.e from domain to . The site also has a lot of content and the migration of content is not an issue. The 301 redirect will take ...
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How does Google Plus select an image from a shared link?

If you share a link on Google Plus it will often grab a fews images you can attach when you post the image. Facebook has a similar feature. You can tell Facebook which is the primary image for a page ...
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How to insert in a blog sharing links to visitors Tweet, Facebook and so on social networks?

I am developing a web blog using ASP.NET, but I guess that the tech details like this, here, is not important. My aim is to insert in every post I create those nice buttons to the social networks ...
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What good Social Networking Site solutions there are? [closed]

What good and free Social Networking Site solutions there are? I tried many options but most of them are either too complicated, too simple, or just do not work... I tried: Dolphin, DZOIC-Handshakes,...
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Suggestions on managing social media accounts

As a company we now have Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and now Google+, is there a way to easily manage all these accounts without having to log into them individually? Things like posting content to ...
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Adding Google +1 Button Slows Page Load Time

This article says Google +1 tags can add a second to page load time, which means a 10% decline in visitors. The article authors say they use smart tag loading to reduce page load time. Does anyone ...
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Social Media Strategy

I'm in the process of submitting a job application for an online content editor position. Part of the application process requires submitting your proposed socia media strategy. I haven't needed to ...
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Looking for open-source solutions for a knowledge sharing website

There is a need in my workplace to setup a knowledge sharing site, a place where users can discuss projects they are working share documentation ask questions I am looking for a open-source system ...
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How to promote/market an event that needs many people?

My team is about to launch a new web application,, that requires a lot of people to be on the site at the same time for the concept to be successful. Our team is preparing to ...
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How can I get started installing Buddycloud software to a hosted site?

I'm confused about how one hosts a Buddycloud (federated social networking software) channel. I downloaded the source code, but I'm not sure how to install it on my website. Most of the information ...
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