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My medium pages are noindex tag in header robots? [closed]

my stories in medium have noindex tag. how i can do index them? thank you.
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1 answer

Is it reliable to rely on external authentication providers in the long run?

We use Google+, Facebook and Twitter oauth2 APIs for our membership infrastructure, because our content policy strictly prohibits standalone ownership of content by user (means that there is no ...
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All social login [closed]

Is there any API available for connecting to all possible social networks (mainly facebook, linkedin, twitter, github, bitbucket, codeplex, stackexchange, google code) I am basically looking for one ...
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When using Google and Facebook for social login, how to prevent misattributed session referrers and goal conversions in Google Analytics?

I am seeing quite a few conversions which have as source (almost 40%). AFAIK, in the new Universal Analytics as soon as a user has a Referrer set a new session is started. So if a ...
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3 votes
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Is it good to have ONLY social login in my website? [closed]

Is it good to have ONLY social login in my website? I am developing a website and planning to implement only social login for users, instead of having own user register/login form. I think that I can ...
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Which social sign-in (Google, twitter, fb, etc) is most often used (if I could only choose one, which would statistically retain the most users)?

I am working with a startup which is about to do its launch in maybe 2-3 weeks. In order to see the primary features of the site, the user has to register or sign in if they have already registered. ...
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5 votes
7 answers

Is it good to use social login into ecommerce website?

We have our ecommerce site to sell company's products. I have read about social login (like and my boss wants to use social login into our site, but I thought it is not good for ...
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Are there any other login products similar to LoginRadius? [closed]

I'm thinking of using LoginRadius social site login/registration solution to integrate with traditional login/registration system. Has anyone ever used it and have any opinion about its performance ...
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