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How to change identity when sending email and SMS on AWS SES or SNS

I use AWS SES and SNS to send email and SMS to users. I want to change the display name and email address of the sender depending on the country of the user. My understanding is that I can create a ...
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Website that allows users to interact via SMS (at a charge) [duplicate]

Some time ago I was a user of a website that allowed its users to establish contact with each other - for free via email, or at a minor added cost if you wanted to sms the other person right away. ...
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HTTP-to-SMS gateway software [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to add SMS text messaging functionality to my website? I want to send SMS via PHP or ASP API and want to process the incoming SMS; suggest me a good HTTP-to-SMS gateway.
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Alternative to Pingdom website monitoring service [closed]

I need a website monitoring service to make sure my app is not only up but also responsive. Pingdom is great, but just so expensive. Is there anything like it but more affordable? UPDATE: I'd like ...
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SMS ad service for a PHP app [closed]

I am about to launch a website that allows the end user to get alerted as their bus approches the stop. The only problem was this is a little expensive as I'm paying about 5 cents per alert. I was ...
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Send and Receive SMS from my Website [closed]

The way I plan to use it is: Have people send SMS to a number to vote. On the backend (assuming that the data comes back to my Web server), I will display the voting results on my Web site. After say ...
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How to add SMS text messaging functionality to my website?

I want to add the ability to send reminders to people via email and SMS for specific events that they have signed up for on a web application that I am building. The email part is not difficult, but ...