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2 answers

How can I determine the maximum number of pages a website should have for SEO? [closed]

An SEO analyst interviewer asked me, "How many pages are there in a normal website?" What is the exact answer for this question?
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1 vote
0 answers

text size adjustment on adsense ad units

Back in the day, on the adsense website, I was able to change both the font AND the size of the text for my text-based ads that appear on my website. Now, the option to change the size is no longer ...
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3 answers

website occupying half the width on large monitors. is it bad?

I'm learning that my website looks like it has decent amount of content when viewed on small monitors but when viewed on large monitors, it looks like there is hardly any content at all. If I ...
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1 vote
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If I used CSS to size an image, would google understand the new size?

Say I have this html code (replace x and y with actual numbers): <html> <head> <style> IMG {width: 100%;height: auto; max-width:xpx; max-height:ypx;} </style> &...
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