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Questions tagged [single-sign-on]

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0 answers

SSO - Active Directory to Hosted Linux

I have a CodeIgniter based application running on a hosted Linux Apache web server. Subscribers to the site log in via the normal username / password combination. One of the client companies who ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How can I avoid my web game's accounts system being spammed?

I've been developing a web game and so far the game can only be played anonymously. However, I'd like to introduce an accounts system to allow some kind of community to build up around the game. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to exclude single sign on as a referral source without also excluding valid linked in referrals?

I'm using LinkedIn's Single Sign On, and when they redirect authorized users back to my site, the referring domain is "". For Google ( I can simply exclude that ...
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1 answer

Best Single-Sign-On practices for large organization

I'm currently working on several IT projects for a large organization (100k+ members). I'm thinking on providing some kind of unification and integration of all websites that I'm designing. So my ...
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Signing into Google account refreshes already open webpage

I have noticed that signing into my Gmail account, automatically causes some webpage to refresh. For example, signing into Gmail while keeping
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