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Questions tagged [silverlight]

Application framework from Microsoft to develop rich Internet applications (RIA).

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Would silverlight or wcf be a good choice for what I want to acomplish [closed]

I want to make a personal webpage that will stream HD movies/Music from a personal computer on my network, and allow the creation of playlists,favorites, a rating system, and potentially allow ...
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Any smart touch tv that supports silverlight through its native web browser? [closed]

I have developed a silverlight application and would like to test it in a touch environment, so my question is are there any smart TV where I can show this application through their native web browser ...
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Improve my Silverlight CMS' ranking in Google

I am working in Silverlight and Orchard cms. I read something about google keywords and website improvements. I wonder if there is no way to have a good page rank by using Silverlight without ...
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Is there a way to test if a browser supports flash/silverlight?

I'm trying to determine if a browser that my content is being pushed to supports flash/silverlight. That way, if there is no support on the browser, I can interchange the flash/silverlight components ...
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Testing Silverlight Installation Experience

In my web app I use Silverlight. Since I already have Silverlight installed I cannot test how my webapp behaves in case a user has no Silverlight installed, or has old version of it, or their computer ...
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Image editor Applet

I'm using codeigniter + jquery on a linux server and i want to integrate in my website a photo/image editor (after that an user have uploaded an image, he must be able to edit it), i need just some ...
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Should I still use Flash or Silverlight?

There's been a lot of controversy over the future (and current) use of Flash and the adoption of Silverlight. Should I continue to use it if I am already or should I use something else, like HTML5?
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