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Google Merchant Center Ignoring Price values in product feed

Running Google Shopping advertising for a client who sells nutritional supplements. They have two different pricing options, one-off purchases or ongoing subscriptions. The subscription price is ...
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What are the factors that lead to a listing in Google's shopping graph ranking?

I work for an online retailer that sells thousands of products from hundreds of brands. We've been advertising with AdWords (Google Ads) and Shopping for the better part of a decade with great results....
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Do "web" stats in Google Search Console include Google shopping queries?

Does search type 'Web' in Google Search Console (screenshot 1) include free traffic from Shopping tab (screenshot 2)?
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How can / How should I add extra columns to the google shopping feed?

We are using google shopping to export (product) data to Google for Shopping Ads using this spec The spec outlines all the required fields, but ...
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Impact on Google Shopping of Blocking UTM Parameters in Robots.txt File

I am optimising the crawling experience of the website as a large portion of the site isn't being crawled. A large portion of the 'crawl budget' is being used on crawling URLs with utm parameters for ...
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Google Shopping UPC/GTIN - To specify color or not to specify color in the code

We are a manufacturer of aluminum roof vents which we sell retail on our site, and also sell through large online outlets like Home Depot (not all of our products). We're now selling through Google ...
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301 Redirects and Merchant center quality

I moved a site to a new platform and the url structure was updated. As far as the Google Merchant Center goes will the 301 redirects suffice or do I need to update my urls within merchant center?
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Is there a term for "You might also like"-features?

Talking about plugins and features for web shops, a good idea is to have a feature saying "Based on this product, you might also like these products: list of products". The "You might also like"-...
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Should I include product URLs in my Sitemap, if I have Google Shopping?

Well, the title says it all, really. We already have Google Shopping, where they have data for all of our products in the product feed, including URLs. Should I still include the URLs to the products, ...
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In WooCommerce, can I add a checkbox for adding related products to the purchase?

Using WooCommerce, I am selling a few different items, one of the items is a polishing cloth for $3.00 and different pairs of earrings. If someone goes to buy a pair of earrings I want to have a check ...
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See individual Google Shopping products performances in Analytics

I'm running a Google Shopping for search campaign in Adwords. So the products are pulled in from my merchant center and displayed with a picture in the SERPs. In Google Analytics or Adwords I can not ...
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What should a shop's products news feed contain?

I'm thinking about integrating some sort of (Atom) news feed into a shopping system, but I'm not sure how to go about it, except that I want the URIs to be the same for each representation (HTML, Atom)...
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Webshop for digital goods with voucher / gift card system [duplicate]

I'm searching for a webshop which provides the following: The shop offers digital goods (like mp3) User can buy a voucher / gift card @Reseller (Or there is a code provided in the CD) User can enter ...
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Force Social Marketing for users

We offer weekly deals in our website. We would like to engage a social experience by offering bigger discounts if a user invites 3 his/her friends to the site. I wonder if there are special services ...
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Should I be looking for an alternative to Zen Cart as my business grows?

I created a business website for a family business which is growing. It's my family, and I'm a software developer, but I don't want to rebuild the wheels or be a shopping cart programmer. For this ...
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Recomendation for Webshop with API

I'm searching for a webshop. The problem with my search is, that the webshop-software of my choice needs to have a useabel API or some interface for external applications. E.g. i need to place orders ...'s user avatar
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Google Shopping: beyond the basics, how can I optimize for high placement?

Of course, including keywords in the product page title/description and associated feed. But what else? Would be interested to hear your thoughts on: PageRank of destination page how product ...
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Google, Amazon, PayPal, roll your own, Shopping Cart/Checkout option that doesn't put off potential customers?

Google, Amazon, PayPal, roll your own. We have a custom coded online store with custom shopping carts that is using Amazon for the checkout process. When the customer 'checks out' of our site, they ...
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