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Are Twitter cards yet X cards (or anything else)?

This week, all Twitter URLs became X URLs (all pages now load as pages). In updating my websites’ links to X/Twitter, I wonder whether I should yet update my websites’ <meta> ...
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Facebook share not picking up Open Graph tags from s3 static hosting

I am trying to make a user-created page using s3. The user submits a photo and a page gets created with a unique id. My bucket Strucuture: S3 BUCKET -231(user-unique id) -index.html (generated ...
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How to securely share a link to a video on my server

I've created a web system for daycares on which the educators can upload videos of the kids, and then share those videos with the parents. Currently the way I'm doing this is very simple. My system ...
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What's the unicode for the Share icon (or do I need to use SVG instead)?

A commonly recognised share icon looks like this: I'm guessing there must be (surely) a Unicode symbol out there for this, but so far - despite pretty thorough searching - I've come up empty-handed. ...
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Why does Facebook crop my image in shared post?

According to Facebook's Webmaster docs here, if an image in a post is smaller than 600 x 315, it still should be displayed in a rectangular shape. But when I post a picture that's 382 x 200, it gets ...
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How can I protect my users' privacy when social share buttons may be pre-fetched?

I am making a site with privacy as one of its main topics. Subsequently, we want to make privacy a concern, by minimizing privacy violations for visitors of my site. (In this crazy world that is the ...
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Facebot sometimes fails to parse open graph meta data, causing share failure

We maintain a WordPress-based website where Yoast plugin takes care of Open Graph meta tags generation. Recently we had a problem with likes disappearing after domain / protocol migration, but we have ...
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How do I specify the image that will be shared to social media?

I'm looking for a way to specify the image that gets selected and shown as a preview when a link to a webpage is shared on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, etc. I ...
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Subdomains vs. URL Path in shareable links

I am building a web application for questions and answers. Each question/answer page has all the required metadata for Facebook and Twitter, and we encourage users to share these pages. I have a ...
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Facebook and different URLs for each sharer, could this affect the amount it is shared

On my quiz site, I have been allowing people to share the quizzes with their friends using the Facebook sharer popup. At first I just let them share the quiz on it's own, but I decided it would be ...
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2 answers

Can I have users share images from my site on Instagram?

Is there a way for me to suggest that my users share the images from my website on Instagram? I've found share buttons for other sites like Facebook and Pinterest. I ask because a user was uploading ...
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1 answer

Which FLOSS Python CMS for video sharing in a school? [duplicate]

I have an university project in which we develop a video sharing system for schools. Our central use cases are as follows: The system has to manage videos (and associated arbitrary metadata) Where ...
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Solution for tracking lead generations and share data with partners [duplicate]

I need to implement a lead generation feature on a website. Technically I understand how it works (e.g. Javascript script associated with the onlick event of a button which sends data about the user ...
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Sharing password-protected videos on social media

We are developing a site where users will be able to watch and download videos that they've recorded of themselves in a public event. The videos will be password protected, and will be available only ...
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Activist shared printing material gallery

What would you say would be the best way to do this: We would like to create a section on our activist community FB page and website in order to share with everyone images and files ready for ...
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3 answers

Facebook Like Button on Individual Pages

There have been a few questions like this asked before but not in the same way. I want to put a Facebook Like or Share or Recommend button on all of my website pages. The site is somewhat like Yelp ...
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"Email This" button with sideways counter

I've been asked to build a design that has a "share this" area like below: I've built every aspect except the Email part of it -- any idea how best to do that? I've found, ...
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Facebook sharing won't pull through ANY images anymore, [closed]

I have created a company blog and have begun implementing various social sharing plugins, had a look at integrating with OG and now Facebook won't pull any images when the page is shared. The ...
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3 votes
4 answers

How to hide website's real address

I'm building a website for public use. It's a sharing website - everyone is allowed to download specific content, but I want to make sure nobody knows where all the files are kept, so I've decided ...
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Using addthis on a high traffic website

Would custom social sharing buttons work better than the bulky addthis widget on a highly trafficked website (100mil pageviews/day)?
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2 answers

Download images and other documents from external websites

We're running a website which enables users to download documents about our company, such as: -wallpapers with the company logo. -company logos in various flavours. -media kits in pdf format. Since ...
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What is the current legal status of magnet links?

Prelude: I develop a cloud service which could be described as dropbox meets torrents and as side effect it enables distribution of arbitrary content via magnet links. Certain amount of magnet links ...
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Looking for a CMS including Wiki, possibility to comment on individual paragraphs of the wiki and making these comments visible on the same page [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which Content Management System (CMS) should I use? I am looking for a specific CMS including Wiki, possibility to comment on individual paragraphs of the wiki and making ...
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2 answers

Force Facebook to use large images when sharing my page

When I share content from my site it posts an image to Facebook as it should. I have noticed that the image is small, roughly 100x100 at best. Yet on other people's posts of content from other sites ...
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