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Domain & Subdomain have same Domain Rating

I'm doing SEO on a (relatively) new subdomain of an existing website. I'm having an issue where I can't seem to find the subdomain's Domain Rating, Authority Score, or any similar metric without it ...
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Could Google penalize randomized, owner-generated content or is it good for SEO?

I'm starting my own web design company, and I've partnered with a local business directory that needs a website redesign. The directory owner has connected with a guy who does SEO, and he's created a ...
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SEO for react-native and react-native-web application, can it work?

I am looking at the generated HTML in my react-native-web web application and the volume of HTML is huge. The whole application is build with <div /> and there are some role attribute such as ...
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Does Google issue penalties for software or other programs private secure proxies for monthly rank cecking/backlink updating?

Most SEOS have likely thought of this issue. I've been looking for a replacement for quite some time, with no luck when it comes to accuracy. Nothing is worse than when you show they client they are #...
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Screaming Frog displaying deleted subdomain

In Screaming Frog, when I do a basic crawl of one of my website's in the 'Internal' tab it shows a sub-domain at the very top. This sub-domain was one I had previously created, but I removed it quite ...
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SEOquake is not recogonizng microformats

I generated Rich snippets (for organization) microcode for one of my websites, using instructions like
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Is there an XML sitemap generator with command line interface for nginx on Linux?

I'm looking for an XML sitemap generator that can be triggered from the command line, supports nginx, and works on Linux (Debian). What can you recommend?
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SEO Tool for Amatuer SEO Professionals like me? [closed]

I have a management job now and I am handling 3 different websites' SEO. I mainly use to track these : ALEXA RANK VISITORS PER DAY PAGE VIEWS PER DAY PAGE RANK FACEBOOK SHARES AND ...
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Is there any way to find out how often a certain query is sent to a search engine?

For example, let's assume a string 'green apple'. Is there at least one SE (or, maybe 3rd-party site) which provides its statistics on how often do users search this concrete string?
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View competitors popular web pages

Just wanted to know if there is an online tool that shows a website most popular pages from highest to least.
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Brute force SEO software

Can brute force SEO tools like SENuke help in rankings or somehow get you penalized by the search engines? Can search engines even "see" that anonter tool has been used to do the SEO? Is, for example,...
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