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If Google fail to show updated titles from sites for a particular search, is it likely to be less competitive for me to rank?

Noticing I clicked a page and got redirected to a different URL from the Google search result, where the search term is what I'm currently trying to jump in to the ranking, I'm wondering that is there ...
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Featured Snippets Not Picked By Google. Why?

We have added content in Tabular format in our website like Our Competitors are doing but these featured snippets are picked by Google but our Not. We are using react to develop our website? Is there ...
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Does it make sense for a low authority website to compete against a high authority website with the same website name but different domain? [closed]

Let's say I buy a website name (.com) and compete against other low authority websites with the same name but different domain (.co), and then manage to get to the top. Would it make sense for the low ...
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Can I show results of previous to prospective clients - i.e. keyword position data?

I've been building an SEO business over the last couple of years on my own. I have a couple clients who've seen great results over the last 6 - 12 months. I would like to be able to share with a ...
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Will this hidden element be count as SEO Spamming? [closed]

As you know, search engine robots sometimes count invisible elements as SEO spam. I have a website that i want to improve SEO performance. I'm planning to make homapage as like below. Will this be ...
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Does Google issue penalties for software or other programs private secure proxies for monthly rank cecking/backlink updating?

Most SEOS have likely thought of this issue. I've been looking for a replacement for quite some time, with no luck when it comes to accuracy. Nothing is worse than when you show they client they are #...
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How will I create Lead Generation Audit Report?

Need to create a Lead Generation Audit Report for a site. Which elements (Metrics) are important for this Audit Report. Is there any special techniques to create this types of Audit Report or process ...
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What is Link baiting [closed]

What is Link baiting and how can I use it in seo OFF-Page Activities. Is it really useful for SEO Link building? Help me for increase rankings
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Similarweb shows a impossibly very low group share while comparing sites

We use similarweb for keyword analysis vs competition. Tool Url : But it shows a metric : Total Group Traffic Share and indicates that it is : Percent of search traffic ...
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