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Semantic tags are a set of tags new to HTML5 that provide meaningful information about their content. Examples include header, main, footer, article, section, and aside.

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Why should we use semantic HTML5 elements such as header and footer instead of div?

I'm designing a website, but some websites use semantic HTML5 tags like <header> or <footer> instead of div. My question is, why do they use them like this, is there any harm in terms of ...
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SEO benefits of HTML5 semantic tags [duplicate]

It's widely know that HTML5 offers some elements primarily for semantic purposes. These include: section, article, aside, header, footer, nav, figure, figcaption, time, mark & main. Do any of ...
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Semantic HTML5 tags for SEO

Are the new HTML5 tags like <header>,<footer>,<hgroup>,<nav>,... ... really useful for SEO? How do google and other search engines treat these tags in terms of SEO?
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What are the SEO rules for HTML 5?

What are the rules of engagement with respect to SEO in HTML 5? Examples of things we have been mulling over with no conclusion: Are you penalised for not using <head> and <body> tags? ...
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