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For DHIS2, how do I remove Filter in Section and replace it with a title

I do not want data element filtering to be possible
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Apache: using %{DOCUMENT_ROOT} inside <Directory> section

My virtualhost configuration file sites-available/site.conf contains (some lines omitted): <VirtualHost *:443> <Directory /var/www/html/my_website> # set options </Directory>...
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Can I get Google Sitelinks for a single page site that uses # fragment identifier URLs to scroll to the various sections?

I have a website up and running which is single-page. I do need site links to appear on google search. Currently, it is placed at top in google search but without site links. I have submitted sitemaps ...
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What is less bad for SEO: to have a <section> with no heading, or to hide the heading with CSS? [duplicate]

I have my document outlined in several <section>s, but according to the spec The theme of each section should be identified, typically by including a heading (h1–h6 element) as a child of ...
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Should I use section element for an image slider?

It is my understanding that the basic HTML5 layout is: <body> <header> </header> <nav> </nav> <section id="possible-image-slider"> </section> ...
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Indirect site navigation via sections of my front page - bad for SEO?

I am experimenting with constructing a "user journey" via navigable sections on my front page, as discussed by this answer over in the UX SE. Unfortunately, the scope of the site (it is for a large,...
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How to make a Parent Category a menu item in Joomla 3?

I migrated a Joomla 1.5 site to Joomla 3 and the sections properly became parent categories. But when I try to create a menu item with that parent category it says Warning: Save failed with the ...
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What is the purpose of the section tag

It seems that the HTML 5 <section> tag doesn't really add much beyond a <div> tag. Why should I use it, especially as it will not be compatible with anything below IE9?
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Joomla: How to create a blog of articles from multiple categories?

I need to gather articles from multiple categories into the single blog feed (the front page and main RSS feed). For example, I need this structure ... Section 1 Category 1.1 Article 1.1.1 (20 ...
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Section/Aside (HTML5)

I read about <section> and <aside> on the WC3 site a whole ago, but I can't remember if an <aside> should be placed inside a <section> or directly beneath it. Does anybody know?...
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