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Does Google Search Console tell me the keyword that makes my page show up in the search results?

This tab shows what pages in my site show up in Google Search. Can I know what keywords that are used?
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Search analytics from the Google Search Console shows weird peaks of impressions

My web site impressions on certain dates peaks as below. What could be the reason, I tried many things but I still cannot figure out. The web site is food related web site and the 9K impressions would ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Sum of branded and non-branded clicks is much lower than the total reported by Google Search Console

I even filtered brand and non-brand keywords to see clicks. Suddenly i realized, that the whole amount of clicks shown by GSC is much higher, than the sum of brand and non-brand clicks. Why is it so?
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Google Search Analytics in Search Console shows almost no data while Google Analytics reports plenty of organic traffic

I don't understand why I don't see any break down of my pages in search analytics, even though: 46 pages currently indexed by Google Analytics shows around 100 daily unique visitors Around ...
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How can we get city data for search queries from Google Search Console?

Is there any way to get data about the cites in which the search queries were performed from Google Search Console? The search analytics report shows a list of queries, but I can't figure out which ...
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