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Scripting for After Effect [closed]

I'm trying to make a simple script for After effects, i HAVE A GOOD KNOWLEDGE WITH java Script,css and html I have used brackets and Adobe Extend script tools but I think I need to arrange the steps ...
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Google unable to load all page resources which is causing script errors and may be hurting our SEO

We just came to the fact that most of our websites have the same errors, but we don't know how to solve it. It looks like some scripts on the websites ...
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How to post a tweet when a new file is uploaded onto a directory over FTP [closed]

I really hope this is the correct platform for my question. I have spent countless hours on Google but I came up empty-handed. How can I automatically post a tweet when a new file is uploaded onto a ...
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Reduce amount of site script executions

I use SiteGround as a hosting service and I received a notice that we are reaching our monthly executions. We also use Wordpress as a CMS. Our site is popular and often has several users on it at once,...
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Linking external JSON-LD schema (from

I have a schema in JSON-LD as per When it was inline (within <script> tags), the Google structured data testing tool recognised the schema successfully. If I link it externally, the ...
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Can I have multiple JSON-LD scripts in the same page?

The below script appears if I check the “Display the site links search box” in All in One SEO General Settings: <script type="application/ld+json"> { "@context": "http://...
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Block inline scripts from executing?

I need to test a page with no scripts running/executing. I've tried NoScript and uBlock but they seem to only stop externally linked scripts from being executed, not those in ... tags. Any ...
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Is noscript mandatory for worldwide compliance page compliance?

I tested a random page of mine with javascript on four times: once using the "Stanca Act" guideline in the scanning options, once using the "Section 508" guideline, once using the "WCAG 1....
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How to run perl scripts on server? (apache2)

when i visit it just asks me if I want to download the script. I have perl module installed in my httpd.conf and I have LoadModule perl_module modules/ How can ...
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How to run a PHP script on a shared hosting server from cPanel?

I'm trying to install Tinyboard ( on a shared hosting, I uploaded all of the files in a single folder, now I should run install.php, but I have no clue where that can be ...
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stopping accessibility of internal script files via mod_rewrite

Turns out after researching, one site found duplicate content on my website. The reason is because the unfriendly php file that friendly URLs link to was apparently discovered by a robot and then got ...
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What method should I use for copying data from one table to another one?

I'm wondering what method I should use for copying data from one table to another one. I'm letting users post data through a form which uses table1 to save data. Now for displaying results I use data ...
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How to create a subdomain using a script

How can one create a new subdomain using a script? Creating a new database or database table is something I'm familiar with. If this is not possible, how does create all the subdomains they ...
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2 answers

How can I prove property rights to script?

I just programmed a file sharing script but I can't sell it because I don't know how to prove that I'm the programmer.
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6 answers

How can I figure out what technologies a site is built on?

I'm researching building a site by looking at what other people have done but I don't know how to determine what technologies or platforms are being used. How can I tell what any given site is ...
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What is the ranking impact of scripts added by some free hosting websites?

I have noticed that some free hosting websites add scripts at the end of uploaded pages. For example: <noscript><a title="Free hosting" href="">Free hosting</...