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Would screenshots from games constitute copyright Infringement?

I'm thinking of making a website that explains about games (walkthroughs, level-passing guide, etc.) I would like to include screenshots of the game content. Will screenshots violate some kinds of ...
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Is there a way to save a screenshot of a page for legal purposes? [closed]

It could be an easy question, but it isn't. If i create a screenshot using whatever tool it won't be legally useful, because screenshots are easily modified (through DOM manipulation or via photoshop)....
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has google adsense bot suddenly changed their mobile viewport or am I being scammed?

I checked this email and even checked full headers and from them it seemed that I was supposed to be the intended receipient. Here's the email: Google AdSense: Action required to comply with ...
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Why does the similarweb preview image show our site's old home page?

My boss wants to know why the preview image of his website in appears with an older home page Is there any reason in particular?
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Create a thumbnail screenshot of a website that is submitted to website directory

I would like to know how to set the thumbnail of a screenshot of a website when someone submits that site to my directory. It would need to be automatically generated. See an example
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What is the best size to use to display full screen size of an application screenshot?

I want to maximize the size of the screenshot and avoid scroll bar or overflow for the maximum too. What size do you recommend ? I'm using lightbox.
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