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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.

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What to do with my RSS sitemap & PubSubHubbub for fast URL indexation in Google?

I've read on several places, that by using Google PubSubHubbub will get the newest pages posted in RSS feeds ultra fast indexed by Google. So, I have my RSS sitemap with lots of new pages added daily ...
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Handling requests for deprecated RSS feeds

The site I run still gets pinged frequently by RSS readers and services, even though we deprecated support for those feeds over two years ago. The URLs currently return a 404. Are there any good ...
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RSS Filter and Compile

Does anyone know of a good way to compile say 20 RSS feeds and generate top news stories out of it? The idea is that we want to have a section on our wordpress site that pulls in feeds from many ...
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Facebook Instant Articles gives "Unclaimed URL" error

I don't know which URL paste in the RSS feed. When I try, I get the following error: Production RSS Feed Connect your RSS feed for Insntant Articles here. Learn more about automated publishing ...
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Can math formulas in LaTeX get rendered properly in an RSS feed?

At the moment, I am running my blog through Github Pages, which lets you serve a website through Jekyll. Within my site, I have MathJax enabled through the header of my theme, so all of the ...
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Is it acceptable to create a feed for every page using Pubsubhubbub?

We have a setup that creates a "new" feed each time we add a page that has the URL: The final page_id parameter changes for each new page that we add. So ...
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RSS Feed / HTML Title and Dscription Limit Per SEO Standard

I'm creating an RSS feed which is meant to be SEO friendly in the invent the content is syndicated and created as a webpage. I'm under the impression currently that this is the going standard: Title:...
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How to find sites which have embedded a particular RSS feed?

One of our sites provides news for a niche industry. Historically, a news summary was syndicated to a number of external, third-part sites via several RSS feeds. How can I identify which (if any) ...
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