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Google Search Console reports "Not all page resources could be loaded" when using embedded Youtube videos

I have a blog but I got a message from Google Console: Page partially loaded Not all page resources could be loaded. This can affect how Google sees and understands your page. Fix availability ...
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After rewriting RoundCube URLs, CSS, JS, and image resource links are broken

What I'd like to do is that I want to make nice URLs for my roundcube pages with .htaccess. For example: RewriteRule ^latest/$ index.php?_action=news&type=latest [NC,L] If I go to this ...
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Prevent Internet Explorer from loading external entities including w3 DTD

I am accessing a remote HTML resource that is returned after XSLT processing and has a header like so: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "
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Why are Semrush and Ahrefs reporting 403 forbidden on FontAwesome Kits, despite crossorigin?

Having authorized my domain from within Font Awesome kit, and included crossorigin attribute in both my link and script tags as below, both ahrefs and semrush crawl reports continue to give me the ...
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Why does CPanel show I/O faults when the site has low utilization?

I'm on a shared host and according to stats I'm not close to the limits, yet the resource usage stats show I/O faults: Why are those fault lines there when the usage is well below the red limit?
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Estimating Server Resources

I am planning on building a Wordpress multisite with a business and revenue model based on and As I am selecting the test and the production environment, how would I go ...
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