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If servers cannot send a page within a specified amount of time, how do they send the "request time out" signal?

Sometimes, a server is down, and it sends a "Request Time Out" message. The browser then displays this page: However, the web server is unable to display the page. Wikipedia says: The ...
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Requests from a specific older version of Firefox distributed across many Google and Cloudflare IP addresses

I've been getting thousands of requests each day from a specific user agent, Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.10; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/38.0. They're all from different IP addresses ...
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Send a different image from my web host if it was already requested by an IP address?

I am hosting an image with my hosting provider host gator and people can request it with When an IP address requests the image the first time it ...
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How to check a specific domain request with HTACCESS and add some query string?

Is it possible to check a specific domain request with HTACCESS and add some query string? Actually my entire task wants to pass some cookie values as URL parameters if a specific domain is requested....
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Why are post, get and put needed on top of HTTPS protocol? [duplicate]

I understand that the HTTP protocol, especially of the secured type, secured with some data encryption method such as TLS and certified with some SSL certification, is the main way to transfer data in ...
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Website downloading resources Multiple times, unecessarily

I have a couple of website projects that I am currently working on as a learning exercise & Have noticed in the developer tools that at least two of my projects are Downloading resources Multiple ...
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How does changing an HTTP referrer header help circumvent crawler blocking

I have been researching different ways a web crawler might be blacklisted/blocked from a web-server and how to potentially circumvent that. One of those ways is to change the referrer header on the ...
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Is it faster to request a single 7KB file faster than to request 6 files totalling 7KB?

I had 6 JavaScript files that total 7KB in size. I've just added the source for each file into a single plugins.js script and it's also 7KB in size. Is having one 7KB file faster to load than 6 files ...
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Calculating requests per second within bing

In Google Search Console, I am able to set the rate at which google crawls my site and it tells me the details such as the requests per second and seconds between requests. In Bing Webmaster tools, I ...
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What’s the Difference Between a webhook and an API?

Programmers who make a request to an API will then receive a response. For example, using Web API to send an email, you’d pass the email contents with the request. If all goes well, you will receive a ...
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