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A system of up-voting posts, with each up-vote increasing the value of a number assigned to a user, called reputation.

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How can I address traffic decline using SEO strategies after the Helpful Content Update (HCU)

Following the recent Helpful Content Update (HCU) in late 2023, my website has experienced a significant drop in traffic. I'm interested in knowledge relating to the HCU update made in about September....
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How will moving from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace affect email sender reputation?

As always, apologies if this somehow not the right place for this question, or it is just a bad question for the format. I've been on stack exchange for 15 years and still can't tell. We're ...
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Warming up new IP for small SMTP server

I roughly understand the idea of warming up an IP address used to send emails, and accept that any answer will be somewhat subjective, but can anyone cast any light on the following as I don't have ...
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Acquired domain name linked to bad reputation on search engines due to previous owner

If a is purchased, but has a history of fraud or some other heinous crime by its previous owners, such that search engine results show 10 pages and more of complaints from defrauded ...
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How to configure reverse DNS?

I got a static IP from my ISP and a domain from GoDaddy. I configured DNS in GoDaddy to point to my static IP. So the website works. However, when I tried to lookup reputation of the IP address, I ...
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Sender score and side effects releated to or or any other spam eater tool

I have looked around, however, I can't find accurate information if the Sender Score could be affected if I send hundreds of transactional emails daily to or or any spam ...
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Allocating Permissions for Users with Negative Reputation [closed]

A friend and myself are currently working on permissions for users with a negative reputation on our forum. If a specific user has a negative reputation, what are the drawbacks of not allowing him/her ...
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Send out newsletter to 60.000 people where mail addresses can be wrong already

I hope webmasters is the right place to ask this kind of question. I have a website with about 60.000 people signed up. This site wasn't quite active in the last couple of years. That's why I ...
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Problems with bad mail reputation [duplicate]

I have recently started with a small company that is having pretty bad problems with mail ending up in peoples junk folders. They used to send large bursts of newsletters from the one address every ...
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Is there evidence that linking to quality, reputable and popular website helps with ranking?

Is there any evidence that linking to external quality, reputable and popular websites helps with ranking (directly or indirectly)? Is there an established correlation? Some posts on the web do claim ...
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The concept of reputation and its effects on an online community

Having recently introduced the concept of a '+rep' button to an online community I manage, I've noticed a couple of things. It functions as the thanks button does on vBulletin (user says 'thanks' to a ...
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phpBB: Is there any mod for voting up Threads?

I'm looking for a mod that enables users to vote up threads. I.e. not replies within threads, but threads themselves. Ideally, I'd prefer to have only up-voting; no 1–5 stars, up/down-votes, multiple-...
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Wiki Application With A Reputation System

I'm really impressed with Stack Exchange's concept of reputation (you gain reputation as you post, and the more you post, the more privileges you get), and I want to apply the concept to a wiki that I ...
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Bulletin board software with voting capability for each post [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What Forum Software should I use? I run my system on a linux machine. Let's say I use apache or cherokee webserver, for simplicity. I want to run a bulletin board software for ...
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