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How do I use Google re-marketing ads on YouTube to show three ads to a user sequentially with time inbetween?

I am trying to setup a campaign to perform re-marketing on YouTube. I currently have 3 ads and ad groups. Let's call them ad1, ad2 and ad3. My goal is this: If a user has visited the site, and hasn't ...
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Do I still need Google Ad Services' script if using Google Tag Manager?

I have inherited a site that has both GTM tags (one Google Ads Remarketing that fires on every page with a Conversion ID but no label, and the Conversion Linker), and the standard conversion script as ...
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How can you share an audience from Google Analytics to Facebok remarketing

Can you use the audience lists that you created in Analytics, in Facebook or you should create them straight in Facebook?
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Referral traffic from in Analytics

I am seeing referral traffic (not a great volume) in GA coming from - I suspect that this is actually traffic coming from paid remarketing ads so why would this be logged as ...
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Calculating Session Duration for Single Page Website (Google Analytics)

I'm trying to set up some remarketing lists in Adwords and I'd like to target people who've been on my site for over 15 seconds. The problem is that I am sending traffic to single-page landing pages,...
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Why does my remarketing audience in Google Analytics show 0 eligible audience?

I have defined a new custom audience (my first one) to make available as a remarketing list in my connected AdWords account. I see that my parameters show 1,450 active users that match the conditions ...
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Google display network ad for people with the remarketing tag has no impressions

I created a display network ad. I set up an automatic bid and on campaigns management it says "eligible". My display network list has 120 items (people with remarketing tag). However I don't have ...
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Google remarketing tag on Wordpress site: can't find the CDATA comment

I have been struggling fixing the CDATA comment problem every time I inserted Google remarketing tag on our Wordpress e-commerce site. I Google tag assistant says it can't find the CDATA comment. For ...
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How can I reduce "follow me" ads in adsense for publishers?

On pages I publish, I have adsense display ads, which often seem to show "follow me" or "remarketing" ads (relevant to the user's recent searches) rather than contextual ads (those relevant to the ...
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Can I use Google AdWords to advertise on my competitors sites after that visitor left my site?

For Google Adwords re-marketing, display ads are shown to visitors have been to your site previously. So when the go to a web site displaying AdSense, it is likely that re-marketing ad will be ...
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Dynamic remarketing AdWords

Dynamic remarketing have this note: Dynamic remarketing requires a Google Merchant Center account. Google Merchant Center is available in these countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, ...
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What are the differences between creating a remarketing list in Analytics versus a remarketing list in Adwords?

Both Google Analytics and Google Adwords seem to have the capability of creating remarketing lists. If you opt for the Analytics option, you can then share that list with (only) Adwords. So are there ...
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Google Dynamic Remarketing Excessive View Thru Conversions

We run several ecommerce sites that we had previously set up with tag-based remarketing. We created a new dynamic remarketing campaign and only tagged the product page to see how dynamically created ...
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