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Can alternate URLs for hreflinks be in different XML sitemap files when using <xml:link rel="alternate"

Regarding the XML sitemaps (that use alternative languages), in this page it is specified the following: Common Mistakes Here are the most common mistakes with hreflang usage: Missing return links: ...
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Mobile version of a website showing up on my desktop google search

I search certain keywords in desktop google search and mobile version of my website shows up, vise versa. I use some methods to solve this problem: use <link rel="alternate"> and <link rel="...
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Should mobile sitemaps point to canonical urls

I've recently developed a mobile-friendly version of an old site. The old site still does really well in the SERPs for key terms, so I don't want to redirect everyone (yet). But I do want to give ...
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Google only serving m. results despite correct alternate/canonicals

This is for a client site. Google seems to only return mobile results for all search queries. The m. and desktop site are not competing or conflicting with each other however.. All m. pages have the ...
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Is it dangerous to change the default language page to be the x-default page?

I haven't specify the x-default page yet. Instead of that the the baseurl of the website specified with <link rel=alternative> as the default language "Arabic". Is it dangerous (I may lose ...
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"no return tag error" despite correct tagging?

I structured my website following this tutorial that explains to do the following when you deal with profile pages that have menus translated but their contents are probably in the language of the ...
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