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Why are there multiple instances of my domain ranking #1 for a keyword but not even ranking rank#100 for a typo or plural version of said keyword?

Yesterday I realised that my domain won't rank for different version of the same keyword. Example: ranks #1 for "Keyword" but is beyond rank#100 for "Keywords". ...
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How can search engine rankings be checked if search engines personalize search results?

I see this: So if I search for keywords related to my website to check the actual rank will the results be biased?
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Multiple pages for the same keyword on Serpstat report

Would Serpstat show the new URLs (with the same keyword) on the rank tracker? For example /home/forhotel /hotel-booking-engine Both targetting the same keyword - "Hotel Booking Engine" Will the ...
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Does Google issue penalties for software or other programs private secure proxies for monthly rank cecking/backlink updating?

Most SEOS have likely thought of this issue. I've been looking for a replacement for quite some time, with no luck when it comes to accuracy. Nothing is worse than when you show they client they are #...
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Website ranking services such as Similarweb and Alexa don't recognize my site

I have my WordPress website added on Google Search Console. Here is a screenshot of it: Google Analytics works fine too. Sitemap has also been submitted and I can clearly see my daily traffic. The ...
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How to find out for which search phrases my website ranks? [duplicate]

It's easy to find where you rank for keywords that you want to measure. But how do you find out what other keywords you rank for that you don't know about?
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How can I objectively check my search engine ranking?

When I search on Google my companies website its rank gets distorted on my computer through previous searches, my location etc. I use private mode in my browser, but I think this is still not an ...
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Why do different tools report different rankings for the same page?

I am in a new job following an internship and I have been given the position of SEO Analyst. I have zero experience with SEO before this, I have some development experience which hopefully will stand ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How do I find where my website ranks in Google for a keyword or group of keywords?

I'd just like to know, if for a keyword, or a sentence, my website is in the search pages, and if so, where? Is there a way to do this?
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How come keyword ranking checkers are never accurate

I am currently using a keyword ranking checker called authority lab. When I was using its test version, the rankings seemed accurate. Now I am paying for the professional version, only to find out the ...
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How to know that my site is getting index/rank by search engine

As per subject, anyone can tell me how to check that my site is getting index/rank by search engine(e.g. google, yahoo)?
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Any good SEO tracking apps out there? [closed]

I was wondering if anyone knew of any noteworthy SEO tracking web apps (either free or paid). I.e. i want to be able to track page rankings, rankings against keywords, trends over time etc. I've seen ...