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Why my article is rejected to published as a guest writer? [closed]

As I'm a new article writer, told me that it's not well-enough with SEO and quality content. But I can't find its proper problem. So, it'll be really nice and appreciable, if anyone can find me ...
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Clients domain does not load in china, instead another site loads

Clients domain works fine and is available worldwide, but has problems loading in China. The site is replaced by the first image below, an entertainment blog type website according to ...
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Recurring Reports of XXX-PopUps on a regular Website

We are puzzled about a very weird incident. There is a website our company runs: Now, every couple months, we get reports that clicking the menu opens XXX-popups. This is really weird, because … We ...
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Adsense "unable to process your request at this time" about 10% of the time

Lately I've been receiving screens like the following when I check the performance tab of my adsense account. In the screenshot, I use < email address > instead of the actual email address I use ...
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Joomla 3.2.2 - frontend connection problems, backend working perfect [closed]

First of all, I'd like to say hello to everybody in this great community :) Countless times before, I was able to find my way out of a problem thanks to you. But now, I can't find any similar topic to ...
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Site load problem with request headers referer HTTP

I have a problem with my site load time. I check load time with and I find hard problem (my site adress: If you check it with and go to timeline you see 2 ...
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What do I need to write for a privacy policy page on my website? [closed]

I am currently developing my record label's website and I'm sure I need a page on there about what information I will collect. The website has no log ins or any interaction from the user apart from ...
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Can Google show some pages deleted six months back and blocked using Robot.txt?

If I have deleted some pages on my website six months back and blocked these pages using Robots.txt, can that non-existent page show up on Google?
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Google Index problem [duplicate]

I forwarded my site to Google, because Google is not indexing my site. I do not understand why. My website has many backlinks from other sites. What can I do?
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Site failing randomly - could it be Cloudflare or something weird in the JS?

I've been working on a simple site that uses javascript to fade through some fullscreen background images as well as some other simple animations. I've tested the site on Chrome, Safari, FF and Opera ...
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Goals are not registering in Google Analytics

I've had a site online for a few weeks, and Google Analytics is working fine. Except Goals, which are not registering for some strange reason. To be clear: visits to the site are being registered, ...
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How to report abuse to website hosting company (GoDaddy)

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask such a question... Let's say that a website posted a picture of me, without my consent, and I want to be removed (it's something private, could ...
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