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Does a domain sale share the owner’s contact info?

I am selling a domain online and my registrar uses privacy protection which is automatically enabled. Behind the privacy protection, I have myself listed as all 3 contacts, along with my personal ...
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Registering a domain privately fails to make it private immediately, has my info leaked to third party whois?

I registered a domain and I choose the private registration AKA: hide the personal data from WHOIS. (It was a non-english registar.) After registering I checked if it is actually private with a few ...
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I run an adult website from a Muslim country where they are illegal, how do I avoid using my real name with domain name registration?

I live in Muslim country where adults sites are banned. I do have such website hosted in US but registrar is asking for real info now. I do have Private Registration (Whois Guard at Namecheap) ...
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Registering domains for resale and remain anonymous [closed]

I am sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere, but I cannot find a proper answer. So, I have reason to believe that a certain domain name, say, will be of commercial ...
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Can I avoid delivering my personal data publicly when I register a domain?

I want to create a website hosted by and to purchase the second level domain with the .com extension (as I know, domains purchased on are sold by Banzai Media S.r.L.). ...
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Who is the real owner of a gTLD domain with Privacy Proxy?

I recently registered a .email domain planning to make it my primary personal email for the time being, with my registrar I accepted a privacy service, my thought was they were going to mask my ...
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Can a domain be converted to private anonymous registration?

I have a domain which I have registered in my own name and address. Is there anyway that I can make this private? I am currently using GoDaddy. I have seen 123-reg offer a private registration when ...
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Do search engines lower your ranking for using private registration like WhoisGuard?

I am registering a new domain name from "" which offers free WhoisGuard for a year. There are numerous reasons not to list your contact information with your domain registrar, such as ...
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Can other domain registrars view non-public whois information?

If my domains are hosted at a registrar (lets take Gandi, for example) and it has privacy protection on the whois information, can another ICANN-accredited registrar (GoDaddy, for example) still view ...
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Can I submit a private domain registration to bing

I have a private domain registration. Is there any way to submit to Bing without disclosing personal details?
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Is it possible to transfer a domain without a "gap" in Whois privacy protection?

I currently own several domains on which I am using a Whois privacy protection service to hide my personal details. In the near future, I would like to transfer some of these domains to a different ...
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How do I register a domain name, but keep who I am secret?

Over the years I've seen a number of owner proxy services, but have never used one, and have no idea if they work; or for that matter if there's any legal risk to using them, such as making easier to ...
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Whois and server host information privacy

I have a domain that is privately registered, so if you run a whois, you will just the domain registrars name. And below are two questions: Since i am using private registration, is there a way ...
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Private registration of “.co” domains, is it possible?

I've registered a lot of domains in the past and have always usually purchased the additional service to make them have private whois info (e.g. domains by proxy) Today I registered two new ".co" ...
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private domain registration

I have seen many people hide their personal details like address and phone number while registering a domain. Sometimes they pay for this private registration. So that their information doesn't ...
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How can I hide whois information?

Is it possible to hide ownership of a domain, so i won't show up on whois searches for domains I own, even if you know where to look?
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Providing fake info during domain registration - does it matter?

As you are all most likely aware already all domain registrars ask for your personal information. Such personal information includes: Forename and surname Address information Email address ...
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