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Can a press release have a positive impact on website SEO in 2024?

I have the option of issuing an important press-release to the Canadian market in the next month and was wondering if this might have the potential to have a positive impact on my website SEO. The ...
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1 answer

How do I schedule content publication on a static site?

How do I schedule the publication of new content (in this case, press releases) on my static site? I am using FTP (FileZilla) on Windows 7 to do the job manually. I am assuming there are some FTP ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Are press release distribution services spam services?

I'm not trying to label this website as a spam service, but use it as an example to enquire about: And there are many like it. I've been considering using their services as ...
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Are press releases worthwhile?

I've heard a lot about using Press Releases for SEO? Is doing this worthwhile? What exactly do you do? Where do you go? Sorry, the idea of using press releases for SEO is new to me.
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