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Does HSTS includeSubdomains also include other ports on the subdomains?

Context I have a web application (SPA) that uses a http api at a subdomain and also a websocket server on a different port of the api domain. Example: the web application https:/...
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Plesk - How to hide port in Nginx forwarding / change listening port?

I installed the Docker extension in my Plesk Obsidian. Then I installed a docker image that raises a web server on localhost:8443. It maps the port 8443 on a chosen target port (let's say 12345). Then,...
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Connection refused when accessing my website with a url and a port number but its fine if accessing it with IP

I have a cpanel apache website. When i try to access it with url and a port number like it returns connection refused but if I access it with ip like it's working ...
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How can I check whether a port is open in cPanel on a shared hosting account?

I need to check if port 3000 is open because when I try to access I can't connect. How can I check this for sure on cPanel taking into consideration I'm on a shared hosting account ...
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Apache not accessible from outside local network

I can only connect to my Apache server using devices on the local network and not from the outside. I think that this is a port forwarding issue, as I'm getting a Connection Timed Out for the port ...
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External ip opens router config panel, can I configure port forwarding over port 80

My home is armed with a DIR-868L D-Link router and I am trying to host a website from my PC behind it on the local IP port 32768 (which I can configure). I tried configuring port ...
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Does DNS works for 2 URLs which are pointed to 2 different ports

I do have a Qlik Nprinting application in Azure VM which has 2 web portals running on different ports. In our project, we have configured port numbers for web portals to 443 and 8443. URLs to access ...
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How can I check which of my server's ports are open using only CPanel?

I have been trying to get SSH access to my shared LAMP server for ages. I suspect that the ports are locked down or different to what they should be. Currently, the only access I have to the server is ...
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IIS website only allowing https connection, no http

We are running two websites on IIS ( and Both sites have the same bindings but with different host names (as above), on IP address * and for ports 80 and 443 (...
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Configure Wordpress to listen on a port other than 80

Looking to set up remote ssh access to a Linux box running Wordpress. That part should be straight forward enough -- just reserve an IP address for the MAC address to that NIC. Once that's ...
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1 answer

Can SRV DNS record be used to allow Mincraft to connect to a non-default port without specifying the port number?

I own a Minecraft Server with a non standard port and i want the user to connect without port. So i tried setting up an A and a SRV Record for my Domain. A Record: ...
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How can I assign domain name to port number?

I have built a socket io project and the server.js listens to a specific port number 2000. Now I have uploaded this project to the server and I can access the server by entering ipAddress:2000 with ...
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Self hosted Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) application and IIS using 443 on different IPs

I have a server that has self hosted WCF application and IIS installed. Server has two IPs assigned. Is it possible to have the WCF application use 443 on IP1 and IIS use 443 on IP2? WCF binds to ...
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Does Google treat different ports as different sites?

I host my website on Azure and I have recently activated a feature to make it possible for me to directly access each server instance in our web farm by a port number. For example
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Port numbers appearing in the URLs on my development site under Apache and Python

I've built a static site. Locally, when I serve the content with python -m SimpleHTTPServer everything behaves normally, but when I copy the HTML onto the server and browse the site at the server's ...
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mod_cache always stores cached files served over HTTPS with "443" in the file name which causes caching not to work well

The config file: <IfModule mod_cache.c> <IfModule mod_disk_cache.c> CacheRoot /var/cache/mod_cache CacheEnable disk / CacheDirLevels 5 CacheDirLength 2 ...
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