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A pop-up is a graphical user interface (GUI) display area, usually a small window, that suddenly appears ("pops up") in the foreground of the visual interface.

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Understanding role="complementary" attribute and <aside> tag

In MDN the documentation for ARIA: complementary role says: The complementary landmark role is used to designate a supporting section that relates to the main content, yet can stand alone when ...
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Would a WhatsApp chat popup affect rankings?

One of my new websites is now ranking on the 1st page. If I put a WhatsApp chat popup on the website, would it affect the rankings? Do Google algorithms consider that chat as lead generation and ...
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Does a facebook like-box or twitter follow pop up hurt SEO

I have a website with consistent SEO traffic. I would like to display facebook like-box (and/or twitter follow) in a pop up after the user spends certain time (say 5 seconds) on a page. Will such an ...
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Opening a pop up window automatically on the date mentioned in the function [closed]

I want it to remain open from the specified date onwards. This is the code I have. <script type="text/javascript"> function newPopup(url) { popupWindow =,'popUpWindow','...');...
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SEO Ranking: Can we show pop ups after few seconds as google recommends not to show pop up that covers main content

My question is related to this question: Google Search Console "Fetch and Render" renders modal popups. What's the impact on SEO? I read that showing such pincode popup could penalize ...
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Preventing guests from seeing an Adsense pop-up before entering my site

Back in the day, guests could visit any website of their choosing through any search engine without advertisements stopping their way. It seems now that's not the case for users on specific devices ...
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Innocent pop-ups and interstitials

With the recent news of Goole planning to penalise pop-ups and interstitials on search result pages in Jan 2017, I became concerned as we often use Hotjar to create survey popups on some landing pages ...
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Do pop-up ads have a negative impact on SEO?

I was observing Google results for months to determine if pop-up ads have a negative impact on SEO. Regarding my observations, sites without pop-ups usually get ranked better. Actually, that doesn't ...
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Browsers with pop-up blocker enabled by default

I'm trying to convince a client that adding pop-up or pop-unders isn't worthwhile. The argument "pop-ups are annoying and your users won't return" doesn't work because it's not the kind of site that ...
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