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How to wrap H1 and H2 tags with a podcast

I'm making a website for my podcast and I'm using text to display the title of the show and wondering how should I wrap the title of the show and links for individual shows. Which practice is best? ...
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1 answer

Show contents of third party page on subdomain without changing URL

I'm very inexperienced with DNS (forgive me for misusing terminology here) and am trying to configure a setup for a podcast I host. What I want is for to actually send users ...
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Itunes Podcast Feed: Itunes says it can't verify the identity of the server

I have created an iTunes RSS feed for my video podcast: For the first few weeks, it worked fine. But lately, iTunes has started giving this error message: ...
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3 answers

Podcast site - Serve audio files with CDN

I am managing a small podcast website hosted on a shared server. Currently there are only eight or nine episodes, each of which are about 50 MB, so bandwidth is not really an issue at the moment. ...
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2 answers

Changing the RSS and Dynamic Views layout when using Blogger as a Podcast index

I'm trying to set up a podcast service at present. This is just a 'spare time' task - so I wanted a quick, easy way to do it. To get this working: I've ripped (with owner permission) some YouTube ...
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1 answer

Podcast Best Practices - Page Development & Monetization Considerations [closed]

Our current podcast page has show notes and a link to download an mp3 of our podcast. We were advised to add an audio player to stream the file live from our website. The thought being this would ...
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1 answer

Podcast bandwidth [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to find web hosting that meets my requirements? The situation Hi folks, I host a medium sized non-commercial audio-only podcast available through the standard ways (...
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2 answers

Excellent web development podcasts [closed]

Could we get a list of excellent web development podcasts to subscribe to? I will mark this as a community wiki and add to it as new suggestions come in. Suggestions so far; SitePoint Boagworld
2 votes
2 answers

Good podcasting solution? [closed]

I simply ask for the best, most common and simple way to set up a podcast? Please, I need an answer so I can close this question? I run a joomla-based website for a small church and now need a simple,...
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2 answers

Looking for Non Hosted Audio & Video Podcasting Solution for Church Websites

I am looking for a solution that will do the following: User uploads audio and/or video files with title, desc. image etc Solution embeds info into ID3 tags Solution generates RSS feed Solution ...
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2 answers

add stock intro and outro to a set of .mp3's?

If I have a bunch of existing podcast mp3's, with no intro and outro, can I do something simple to add a stock intro and outro (supplied as .mp3's) to each podcast?
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1 answer

Run your own podcast on

Hope this is the right stackexchange for this question... also I tried to tag this with "podcasting" but of course I can't do that yet... I'm looking for a simple script for running a self-...
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