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Acronym for Portable Network Graphics - a bitmapped image format that allows transparency.

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Would changing the image extension have any effect on current image indexing and ranking?

I am thinking about changing my images from PNG to JPG but I am worried as it will technically change the image URL. Old: New: So, will it also ...
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Moved images to another folder - need help with htaccess rewrite rule for png

I had to move my image folder. Before it was*).png now its*).png just stuck with the rewrite rule :-(.
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Trouble with .htaccess rewriting .png/.php [closed]

I'm currently creating a "dynamic signature" for a forum or email signature. The php code writes perfectly fine onto an image with the .php page. When trying to access the .png file with the ...
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Would compressing a PNG more than once reduce the number of colors or affect something else?

For a website I control that sells consumer goods, fast page performance is important, especially for potential customers on mobile devices. Therefore, we want our images to be as small as possible ...
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Where should I put image meta data and license information?

I have a PNG picture in a web page. The page has a CC-BY button and links (with a rel="license" attribute, as the CC license picker generates) at the bottom, it has a title, and some more descriptive ...
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How do I tell a directory that all files inside should be treated as a PNG?

I have PNGs in which for instance they are named "5021" rather than "5021.png" and for some images it is fine and displays like a normal image but others download automatically; I was told by someone ...
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which favicon gets loaded in the browser?

currently i am experimenting with 2 favicons and including them in 3 different ways in my markup, however i am not sure which one gets loaded in the browser. firebug's network tab doesn't tell me ...
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Where can I get loading .png images that together make a loading spinner? [closed]

I have been googling for a while and am not finding anything useful other than .gif images. But due to the technology I am using, I need 2 or more .png images that together look like an animation. ...
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Is it safe to assume 99.9% of browsers in use now can display PNG files?

This is similar to this question, but that question and answers are 2 years old. Also, the answers aren't succinct. (That question was phrased as "what will support png's). What reasonable popular (>....
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animated PNG Support

I know PNGs are pretty much supported across most browsers if not all at this point. Are Animated PNG or APNG supported if PNG is supported or are they separate? Do e-mail programs have the same ...
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Use JPEG for transparency instead of PNGs

JPEGs are smaller in size then PNGs. So. I thought that if I can make the "background" in a jpegfile transparent with some code maybe I save some kilobytes. So does anyone now for example how to make ...
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CDN png image not accessible from my machine

I'm getting a very strange error on where the following PNG image is not being delivered from the CDN to webkit browsers (both Chrome and Safari), but Firefox is loading it just fine. ...
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How to compile all design images as used in website design?

I am just coming into a new web design role and so far I can find no central repository of all images as used on the website. I have previously, at some point in the design process, inserted all ...
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GIF vs PNG which to use?

For the image title of my website medium-small(150x50) white background with some effects on title (example: google title image) I saved the image in .gif and .png with result: .gif size = 3.09 kB ....
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How to save a PNG as a smaller file but at the same resolution?

not sure what stackexchange site is the best for this question. I have a scanned jpg file with below properties and size 8.5MB pixel dimension: 2468 × 3484 pixels print size: 208.96 × 294.98 ...
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How can you create text as a png file to minimize file size?

I've seen this trick on lots of websites, but I don't know how I could create this myself easily. It's basically text or a logo which is saved on a transparent background with a small border, to ...
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How do I know what image type to use?

I'm working on a website which will use images in several different applications, from action buttons to avatars to larger detail images. What factors should I take into consideration to decide ...
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How do I use transparent PNGs in IE6?

How do I use transparent PNGs in IE6? I have a corporate app that must use IE6 and must use use PNGs, but the transparency all comes through as a pale white colour.
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How Wide-Spread is Browser Support of .PNG Graphics

We are deploying a web application and I am considering replacing some of the JPEG graphics with PNG. Has the use of PNG-aware browsers passed 95%?
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