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Questions tagged [planning]

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How do I keep a raw HTML version of my website alongside one with CSS styles and classes applied [closed]

I am in the process of making a simple website with informational content and I am interested in keeping a raw html version of my website (that is without any divs or other things that are used to ...
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4 answers

Planning for catastrophe

I work for a small marketing company that also does web design and development. We host all of our web design and development customers on a dedicated server at Hostgator. We have a dedicated server ...
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I need some suggestion: Starting a portal for a local medical community

There is a Medical Community in our town that I would like to approach to build a web portal for them. It could be free or they could pay me for it. Honestly, I'm really after of the community that ...
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What steps should be taken to safeguard user-entered content on a CMS?

Assume you're building a bulletproof CMS for your company. Cost, time, and technology are no issue. You've got developers ready to go with the knowledge and experience to crank out outstanding code. ...
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Are there any capacity planning resources for phpBB?

I know that busy phpBB forums can be resource intensive, but haven't run one myself, and can't find any sort of quantification of that. How do I plan hosting needs given an expected load of users/...
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